This artificial intelligence turns your children’s pencil drawings into animations almost by magic

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838176533 240529652 1706x960.jpg

Thanks to AI, it is possible for the drawings of the little ones in the house to come to life and become animations that can be shared.

Entertaining the little ones in the house is not always easy, especially if you want to do it away from the screens or if the weather does not allow you to go out to the park. But sometimes It is not a bad idea to use computers or tablets while being with them, for actions that are not mere entertainment.. This is what a website proposes that allows you to animate drawings made by the whole family.

Animated Drawings is a free service that It allows us to create animations of all kinds from the designs that have been uploaded to your website. The best of all is that it is an advertising-free service, which does not require registration and allows you to easily export the results to share them.

To be able to use this tool, you simply have to draw a puppet, with the aesthetics you prefer, and then take a photo of the design, if it has been done on paper, or a screenshot if it has been done digitally. With that image we go to the website and upload the file.

It is important to emphasize that There are some drawing tips to consider before painting. To begin with, it is good that the paper is smooth, without lines or squares, so that the AI ​​​​will have an easier time extracting the outline of the design. It’s also a good idea to take a photo without creating shadows, for which using the camera’s zoom can help.

The first of the four steps is upload the drawing, having followed the aforementioned advice. Then you have to select the part of the drawing in which the puppet appears. It is important to move the limits if the AI ​​has not framed the crop well. When you move on to the third step, you must confirm that the cut is correct, although there are drawing tools to add or subtract areas if we believe there are errors.

Animation structure

The last point is critical, because it is where the joints of the doll are selected, and those points are what will allow the animation to be better. If they are put where it is not the quality of the animation will leave much to be desired. Once selected, you must click on the Next button one last time, and all the available animations will appear.

These animations are categorized based on movement. There are sections for Dance, others that have animations fun and then two more classics, Hop and Walk. All these preconfigured animations are the same for all drawings, but since they have different movement structures, depending on the designs, they are not exact.

In the drawings that are colored, some tones, such as pink, may not be understood well. when processing the drawing, and the contour must be outlined using the tools provided by the website itself. It’s easier to do it on a touch screen than with a keyboard and mouse.

To share the animations you simply have to click on the Share button and select the corresponding application. It can be shared by email, Twitter, WhatsApp or Facebook, but perhaps it is best to use the first button, which Download the animation in an mp4 video compatible with any multimedia player, computer or mobile.

Since the number of videos that can be downloaded is not limited, many can be shared, although sometimes the website can become saturated and not work. In that case all you have to do is wait a few minutes and try again.

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