There will be a cheaper Apple Vision Pro glasses, these will be their differences

There will be a cheaper Apple Vision Pro glasses, these will be their differences
there will be a cheaper apple vision pro glasses, these

Recently at the Annual Conference of Developers of Manzana glasses have been introduced VisionPro that allows the company to have a presence in a new category of products. Well, it has been known that in the future there will be more models from the Cupertino company.

However, its price of $3,500, which is more than three times more expensive than Meta’s Quest Pro, is a major handicap to expect very large sales. However, Apple is expected to launch a cheaper version of the glasses we are talking about. According to Mark Gurman, the company is already “working on a cheaper model so that the new category of products reaches more people.” Even, it is already speculated with his name: Apple Vision or Apple Vision One.

It will take some time, yes

However, from the same source of information, it is indicated that “the cheapest model is currently planned to be launched at the end of 2025, which means that it will debut approximately two years after the original Vision Pro.” In this way, it is clear that things at Apple are going slowly when it comes to their glasses.


To reduce the price of the product, some elements of the Vision Pro may need to be adjusted or discarded. For example, it is believed that Apple could use lower quality screens than the Pro model. You could also go with a quality chip similar to the iPhone or an older Mac chip, and use fewer cameraswhich would reduce its performance capabilities compared to the premium model.

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It is even suggested that Apple for the new glasses could use a simpler headband design and require the using AirPods for spatial audio instead of the built-in speakers on the Vision Pro. Obviously, this is all speculation, but knowing those of Cupertino, they will do something so that the price can be lowered in the case of having made the decision to launch cheaper glasses.


Other options that Apple would handle

Other possible modifications could include changing to a physical adjustment of the distance between the pupils (own between the centers of the eyes) instead of an automatic one, as well as the possible removal of features such as the 3D camera. However, Gurman suggests that the device will retain the EyeSight external display that shows the user’s eyes, as well as the eye and hand tracking system that eliminates the need for manual controllers.

If all this turns out to be true, the device will still be expensive – there is no doubt about that – but could reach some interested users in experiencing augmented/virtual reality with the experience that Apple offers by paying a little less. And what would be your potential price of the new Vision Pro? Well, at least $2,500… almost nothing.