There are rumors about a Samsung Galaxy S Ultra Mini. Here’s what we know and the problems you would face

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It would be a model to compete directly against the iPhone Pro

Fashions are cyclical and, unfortunately for many, it seems that powerful compact mobile phones are not in fashion. There are exceptions like Asus Zenfone 10 and we can consider that the Galaxy S23 and the Pixel 7a They are ‘compact’, but currently, as we say, the fever for these models has passed.

However, recent rumors point to a new ‘mini’ device from Samsung, a mobile that would arrive to compete against the smaller iPhone Pro and that would be a Galaxy S Mini Ultra, but in the FE family. It’s a bit of a strange rumor, so we’re going to go in parts because there’s a lot of fabric to cut.

A small Galaxy S Ultra, according to the rumor

As we said, Mini models are no longer a reality on the market. There are exceptions, but even Apple, which bet heavily on them for two generations (the very interesting iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini) ended up accepting reality: the user wants big screens.

There are several concessions that have to be made in a compact mobile and those cuts are incompatible with the current premium range. The battery is smaller, the screens are smaller (obviously), the dissipation systems are less effective as they have a smaller surface area to cool the phone and even the cameras suffer from the lack of space.

In a very compact mobile phone, for example, it would be very difficult to see a periscopic system like the one that many mobile phones currently have for medium and long telephotos. Simply, no space for lenses and system.

Returning to Samsung, within its most premium range we have both extremes: The Galaxy S23 has a 6.1-inch screen and, with its 146.3 millimeters high, we could say that it is a compact smartphone. Of course, with today’s 6.5-inch and 6.8-inch standards, it’s a compact.

At the end is a Galaxy S23 Ultra with 6.8 inches and yes, the S23 is high-end, but it does not have the same screen or, above all, the same camera system as the Galaxy S23 Ultra. According to the rumor of a south korean blog source of several rumors and that we can read thanks to Sammobilethere it is where Samsung would be trying to enter, in the premium range with a compact phone.

This possible Galaxy S Mini Ultra would compete against an iPhone Pro which also has a 6.1-inch diagonal, but a system and screen worthy of its price and range. All this sounds great because surely you are already imagining a mobile phone with the capabilities of the Galaxy S Ultra, but with the size of the conventional Galaxy S, but let’s put our feet on the ground for a moment.

One of the features of the Galaxy S Ultra is its four rear camera system, one of them a long telephoto lens with a periscopic system. That means that there are four sensors, a periscopic system and elements that occupy space and whose miniaturization is complicated. Therefore, a system like that would be complicated in a really compact mobile, but hey, there is always room and it can be done if some element is sacrificed.


However, what we read in the rumor is that It is a model that could be included in the FE family. There is another complication because yes, the Galaxy S FE are good phones, but they are not associated with the most premium range, but with one that is one step below and wanting to compete against the iPhone Pro with a model from the FE family It doesn’t seem very realistic.


In addition, it is also stated that no decision has been made yet and everything would be part of an early approach by Samsung. In any way, We have considered it appropriate to transmit this rumor and explain what the drawbacks of a Galaxy S Ultra Mini would be.. Plus, keeping the S-Pen as part of the product means more internal space that can’t be dedicated to hardware.

It may end up coming, or not, but there is currently no solid information to support that Samsung is working on a compact premium mobile.

Cover image | Alejandro Alcolea