The video game controller with the best buttons we’ve tested: review of the Razer Wolverine V2 Pro

wolverine v2 pro
wolverine v2 pro

Razer has launched what is possibly the definitive gaming controller; Yes, if we can afford it.


There are times when budget is not an issue. Where we have the money to buy exactly what we want, and we don’t have to make any compromises. If that is our situation, and we are looking for a video game controller, the Razer Wolverine V2 Pro for 299.99 euros It is practically a must-buy.

Yes, that is a figure that takes away the hiccups. For context, an Xbox Series S console costs 70 euros less, and a PlayStation 5 Digital costs only 100 euros more; In other words, this PlayStation 5 controller costs almost the same as the entire console. It seems like a joke, but it is not, and there is an explanation.

For a start, This is not a simple PlayStation controller; It is one of the most complete and best-made controls we have seen so far. It represents the highest quality that money can buy today in the gaming sector, and obviously, that comes with a RRP that will be exaggerated for a good number of players. But if this is not your case, keep reading.

The best buttons

The Wolverine V2 Pro represents everything that Razer has learned in its long experience manufacturing gaming accessories. But above all, it is very well manufactured and feels solid and capable of enduring long hours of games without many problems, thanks to its rubber grips with pattern that prevents it from slipping out of our hands. The ergonomics are exceptionalalthough it is true that this will largely depend on each player.

What anyone will be able to appreciate is the quality of the buttons. It seems strange to praise something as standardized as buttons, but the Wolverine V2 Pro has managed to stand out from all the controllers I have tried so far, and there have been quite a few. The part I love is that everyone the buttons clickoffering a unique tactile sensation that will be liked by enthusiasts.

The Razer Wolverine V2 Pro's buttons have a surprising tactile feel

Unlike the buttons on other controllers, which offer a soft feeling when pressed, these have a small initial resistance before sinking; something that reminded me a lot of Razer keyboards, and I suppose it’s no coincidence. The company calls these “mechanized tactile action” buttons, and claims that they offer a faster keystroke and greater sensitivity to touch, something that I have been able to verify first-hand in games that have required exact or repetitive keystrokes. At all times you know how many times you have pressed the button, and if you have done it on time.

In addition to the face buttons, the direction pad and shoulder buttons also offer that tactile feel; I really liked the crosshead, in particular, and I see it as very competent for fighting games, even though I’m not an expert in it by any means. Although as a result of this tactile sensation, this controller makes a lot of noise when we play frantically, something to keep in mind if we play at night. On the other hand, a detail that I loved is in the triggers, which normally have travel (ideal for car games for analog control of the accelerator and brake), but which have an integrated selector that allows convert them to buttons without pathsomething perfect for shooting games.

The two additional top buttons on the Razer Wolverine V2 Pro are a big help

Another important addition compared to other controls is the number of controls available, which are many more than we usually have on a PlayStation controller and that can be configured for all types of ‘macros’ and functions. To begin with, inserted between the top buttons and the triggers is another pair of buttons (M1 and M2) that are easily accessible with the index finger. And on the back of the controller we have two other buttons and two levers, accessible with the middle or ring finger; We don’t have controls directly integrated into the grips, but I personally preferred it that way.

Being an officially licensed controller for PlayStation, it should not surprise us that the configuration is similar to that of the official controller, including the presence of the central touch area (which is also a button) and the use of the famous symbols on the buttons. However, a key difference is in the position of the levers, which is more similar to the Xbox controller, exchanging places of the left lever and the steering wheel; This seems to be the preferred position for more players, but we can’t change it.


Speaking of the sticks, they also have a great feel, and offer the only customizable aspect of this controller: the stick tips. By default, the controller uses sticks with convex tips, which offer greater precision, preferable for aiming in shooting games. But the box includes two concave tips, which allow greater speed; besides, They are shorter, so we have to move the lever less to obtain the same result, something ideal for quick character movements. Although these options are appreciated, they are a reminder of the small number of options we have to adapt the controller to our tastes; Here we will not find different buttons, weights, or accessories like those found in other controls for enthusiasts. What you see is what you get, which is not a problem if you like what you see, as I do.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t options. For example, this controller is compatible with both PlayStation consoles and PC, both with wireless and wired connection; Those are options that we can change on the controller itself. The wireless connection will be familiar to users of other Razer products: it is HyperSpeed, the Fast 2.4 GHz connection eliminates latency. For practical purposes, it is like using a cable, but without the inconvenience that entails, although we can always connect the one that is included if we prefer.

The Razer Wolverine V2 Pro does not come with many accessories, only the necessary ones

And of course, being a Razer product we have access to the platform RGB lighting chroma, which is integrated in a great way in the Wolverine V2 Pro: with two lines on both sides of the controller that give it a striking touch, but without being tacky. The version of the controller that I have tested is black, but it is also available in white like the PlayStation 5 controller.

The only detail I really have to criticize is in the configuration. When I tried the controller for the first time, I connected it to my computer and as I’m used to with Razer products, I started the Razer Synapse program to configure it. To my surprise, the controller did not appear in the program, although it worked without problems in games; I had to dig through the online help to realize that, for some reason, Razer has decided that this controller, which can be used on PC, not compatible with Razer PC platform.

The Razer Wolverine V2 Pro has many configuration options, but only with the mobile app

Instead, the Wolverine V2 Pro can only be configured with a mobile app, called Razer Controller, available for iOS and Android. So, to configure the controller, you first have to connect it to your mobile. It’s something that doesn’t make much sense from my point of view, but I imagine it has been done so that PlayStation players can configure the controller without having to connect it to a PC; but that does not explain why it is not compatible with Synapse, and it means that the Chroma lighting does not synchronize with the rest of our Razer devices.

I buy it?

Removing those setbacks, the experience with the Razer Wolverine V2 Pro is exceptional, a luxury that few controllers are capable of achieving, let alone matching. Razer has achieved something truly special with this controller, and I have never enjoyed a peripheral as much as this one. And that brings us, inevitably, to the price. Yes, 299.99 euros is, clearly, a ridiculous price for a video game controller; but after trying it, I can say without a doubt that it deserves it. The tactile feel of the buttons, the additional controls, the design and the wireless connection are cutting edge aspects that you have to pay in some way; Although I do not doubt that in the future Razer will apply what he has learned with this controller to his next models, as he already did with his mice and keyboards.

The Razer Wolverine V2 is an exceptional controller that is not available to everyone

For all this, it is difficult to talk about real alternatives to the Razer Wolverine V2 Pro, since most do not come close, neither in experience nor in price. If we are looking for a more customizable option, the SCUF Instinct Pro is very good and also has an option for PlayStation; and recently, Nacon introduced the cheaper but also very good Revolution 5 Pro.

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