You can now unsubscribe from mailing lists from your iPhone: Gmail for iOS enables a new button

you can now unsubscribe from mailing lists from your iphone.webp.webp.webp
you can now unsubscribe from mailing lists from your iphone.webp.webp.webp

Gmail has completed a year 2023 with some quite important news, but above all, further reaffirming its dominant position. In the summer he added the function of translating emails for both iOS and Android and a couple of months ago he reinforced security with client encryption.

Now, it adds a long-awaited feature, and with a curiosity that Android users will not like. He unsubscribe button from mailing lists, which end up being spam, is now available on the iPhone.

Say goodbye to mailing lists with this “magic button”, for now only on iOS

Last month we learned that Gmail for Android was preparing a button with which unsubscribe from mailing lists, those that end up being more spam than anything else. Until now, the normal way to unsubscribe was to go to the tiny link that these emails add at the end although even following this method we may encounter some more impediments.

Google wants to make it easier for us, with a button that will be much more visible and therefore, more accessible to the user. As we can see in the image below, it is available in the Gmail application for iOS. It is curious that, on this occasion, it has incorporated the feature earlier in the competition’s operating system than in its own, but that is what happened.

It is not the first time this has happened, although it is always newsworthy. In any case, the recent sighting on iOS announces its next arrival for Android, then the function would be completely ready. We have been able to verify it from Xataka Móvil, and it has indeed reached one of the iPhones that we have in the editorial office.

Capture Gmail iOS

From now on it will not be necessary to reach the end of the email to unsubscribe. In just one touch we will have done it, appearing below the subject and next to the sender’s information. Although we cannot take advantage – at the moment – of this new addition in the Android client, it is possible to unsubscribe from the ‘more options’ menu, the one illustrated with the three dots (⋮).

Thus, iPhone users who use Gmail instead of the native email app can now Say goodbye to annoying mailing lists. Whether out of obligation (some services require subscription) or because we were interested in it at the time, they end up being more spam than anything else.

Across the street, Android will still be waiting for her and it shouldn’t take too long to arrive. If you are an advanced user of the Google operating system, we remember that you can activate it with rootfollowing the instructions on the blog TheSPAndroid.

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