The Samsung Galaxy A55 reveals some secrets with its first leak: this will be the successor to the Samsung Galaxy A54

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The popular Galaxy A54 will give way to the Galaxy A55 in 2024, repeating the photographic section, according to the latest information It will debut the Exynos 1480, successor to the Exynos 1380 that we have tested in the current model

Samsung captures the attention of the technological world every time it launches a new member for its Android smartphone family. This is more noticeable when the Galaxy S or Galaxy Fold family receives a new member, but it does not mean that the Korean manufacturer does things wrong in other price ranges.

There are the Galaxy A, taking over the mid-range with different options, interesting like the Galaxy A54 which has achieved good commercial success. Precisely this one begins to take the step to the next generation, as the leaks begin to detail What will the next mid-range be like?.

This will be the Galaxy A55

The current Samsung Galaxy A54 is the reference mid-range for Samsung, which has managed to manufacture a fairly balanced product, with strengths such as the camera, a signature processor and enough memory for the majority of users. Now, let’s see what his successor will be like, the Galaxy A55 which has suffered a leak that provides us with some details, as we can read on the Galaxy Club portal.

Galaxy A54
The Galaxy A54 will give way to the Galaxy A55 next year and we already know some details. Image from Xataka


The future Galaxy A55 will take up the baton of the previous generation, or at least that is what its leaked specifications, which yes, will not evolve in a very significant way. Starting with the photographic section, the leak points to a repetition in the resolution of its main sensor.

We are talking about 50 megapixels which have already given good results in the Galaxy A54, and which might not change in the new model. In fact, the front camera, the selfie camera, will not change either, so Samsung will opt for a 32 megapixel sensor.

The media looks back at the cameras of this series, which reached 32 megapixels on the Galaxy A51 and has slowly advanced to the most current model. Something similar happened with the Galaxy S, which incorporated a 10-megapixel selfie camera until this year with the Galaxy S23, they made the leap to 12. It was expected that the aforementioned sensor would end up in this Galaxy A55, but in the end it will not be the case. .

On the other hand, the ultra-wide-angle sensor does not seem to change on paper either, as it will once again have 12 megapixels. Beyond the repeated cameras, it is expected that the popular manufacturer will choose to incorporate economical and proven components in this mobile phone, to reduce its cost. Enter the equation Exynos 1480 which will replace the Exynos 1380 that mounts the Galaxy A54.

So yes, Samsung will once again set up a processor of its own production whose code name is Rose and corresponds to the numbering S5E8845. This detail once again points to the Exynos 1480, since the previous Exynos 1380 had the nomeclature S5E8835.

What we do not know is whether this new processor will benefit from the collaboration between Samsung and AMD, the well-known manufacturer of computer processors. Either way, release date remains unknown although it is estimated that it will arrive around next March, already well into 2024.

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