The Realme 12 Pro promises top features, including a collaboration with Rolex

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1705077005 840 560.jpeg

The Realme 12 Pro will have a periscopic zoom camera and Qualcomm processors

A major renewal is coming in Realme’s mid-range: the brand has revealed its new Realme 12 Pro, a series of mobile phones that will offer great power, high photographic capabilities and a design that promises to be top-notch. For this they have hired Rolex, no less.

With mid-range lines that have been blurring over the years, Realme has known how to position its proposals to ensure that they are attractive, offer great hardware and without having a price that is too high. As a result of this strategy, very on par with Xiaomi with its Redmi or POCO families, at Realme they created a family with an annual update that achieved recognition and sales. Logically, in 2024 it will also be renewed.

The Realme 12 Pro aims high and Rolex gets on the bandwagon

Realme 12 Pro
Features of the Realme 12 Pro series. Image by Realme

They are not yet ready to sell, but Realme revealed some of their qualities at CES in Las Vegas. Not only that, the brand has released on his social networks various pearls where the effort they put into design and integrating features is evident. Apparently, the Realme 12 Pro aims high. So much so that the brand teamed up with one of the most luxury brands: Rolex.

The Realme 12 Pro series will soon be released with high-level specifications in most fields, especially in design and photography. With two models in principle on the table, the Realme 12 Pro and the Realme 12 Pro+, the brand promises a periscopic telephoto (16 to 142 mm equivalent focal length) with 3x optical zoom and hybrid zoom up to 120x. This lens will have a 64 megapixel OV64B sensor with OIS image stabilizer.

Apart from the periscopic camera, the Realme 12 Pro will have a Sony IMX890 sensor with 50 megapixels and f/1.8 aperture as main camera. The target will also be stabilized with OIS.

Aside from the capture hardware, Realme has confirmed that Qualcomm will be in charge of powering the Realme 12 Pro series; without us yet knowing which SoC will be chosen (or SoCs, because it is likely that each model in the series will have a different processor).

The Realme 12 Pro have a striking rear design with a round photo module, a shape that seems to be predominant in the latest high-end models. And this is where the collaboration with Rolex comes into play: according to the videos shared by Realme itself the luxury watch firm has collaborated on the exterior design of the 12 Pro. According to rumors, there would be a special edition based on said collaboration, a Realme 12 Pro Rolex Edition. Although there are public images of the model, it is not yet known if this supposed special edition will exist or the collaboration with Rolex will be effective for the entire 12 Pro range.

Realme 12 Pro Rolex
Image from Realme

Realme has communicated a good amount of the information, but we still don’t know when the launch will take place. The presentation will be this January, a month that is being filled with great launches: Xiaomi with the POCO We’ll see how those Realme 12 Pro are.