The new function of Google Chat improves communication in the work team

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Google Chat has a number of features that make it easy for work teams to communicate without relying on third-party tools.

Whether you want to communicate with your team members through direct messages or using chat rooms, this Google service allows you to customize its features to suit your workflow.

And now it adds a small update that will prevent misunderstandings between users, or last-minute problems due to lack of communication.

Read receipts for group chats

As the Google team mentions, Chat now adds the possibility of having read receipts for group direct messages.

It seems strange that Google hasn’t turned on such a simple and handy feature in Chat sooner, but it’s nice that it’s finally available. This will allow you to know if the rest of your team, or certain users, have read that last-minute message that you have published and that needs an urgent response.

Taking into account the number of daily messages that can be shared in a work team, this dynamic will also make it easier for those responsible to know if their team is aware of the shared messages.

And of course, it will also serve to focus on receiving a response from those who seem not to have found out about the latest news from the group.

To have this new function in Google Chat it is not necessary to carry out any action, since it will be activated automatically with the last update of the app.

An update to Google Chat that is available to Google Workspace users with personal Google accounts, and will apply to group chats of up to 20 users.

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If you still don’t see it available in your account, don’t worry, as it will gradually roll out over the next 15 days.