The latest leak of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra fulfills the wishes of many: goodbye to the curved screen

Samsung is already launching its next high-end mobile phones and the Galaxy S24 Ultra points to a long-awaited novelty on its screen


I have to admit that lately I am becoming more defender of curved screens on mobile phones, although I don’t prefer them over the flat ones, nor do I think many users do. This is how what a priori is a good news for the next Samsung flagship and that we already knew for a long time, seeing now how little by little it is materializing.

Samsung, a pioneer with curved panels more than a decade ago, seems willing to abandon it definitively in its next high-end series with the Samsung Galaxy S24. Now, one of the best-known leakers has published a render showing what the new flat screen will look like of the ‘Ultra’ model.

Samsung’s surrender with curved screens?

Samsung seems to be assuming a change of mind about the screens of its high-end mobile phones. Their standard and ‘plus’ models have remained completely flat, but their ‘Ultra’ have been bastions of the curved screen in recent years, although We had already seen this year a glimpse of change.

He Galaxy S23 Ultra It has already reduced the curvature of its panel to improve grip and the final step seems to come with its successor. In the absence of officially knowing it, The flat screen of the S24 Ultra is an open secret. And the truth is that nothing looks bad in images like the previous ones, which, although unofficial, seem to be aimed at what will be reality.

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Galaxy Render

Render of what the Galaxy S24 Ultra will look like (Images: Ice Universe via X)

Samsung has had another strong bet on mobile phones for a few years with its folding range. And although in the end they are different segments, we could think that in a certain way what they are looking for is a differentiation that they achieve by the simple fact of being foldable. Therefore, it seems that they have finally understood that in the normal range, most of us prefer flat supports.

Now, it is not advisable for us to raise expectations too much because For technical purposes there would not be too many changes on the ‘Ultra’ screen. Also based on the leaks that have been happening, it is expected that the size will remain at 6.8 inches thanks to reduced bezels, as well as a QHD+ resolution accompanied by a variable refresh rate from 1 to 120 Hz.

The big doubt is in the maximum brightness. The 1,750 nits that the S23 Ultra now has, as well as the rest of the panel specifications, are very good. However, the rest of the manufacturers have been betting heavily on this element and Samsung is expected to do the same by increasing that rate, although there are still no leaks that are sufficiently defined to know if it will end up happening and to what level they would raise it in that case.

We remember that We still have at least two months to wait. to clear up doubts and for this terminal to be officially presented along with the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+. It seems that this event will be brought forward this year, although the exact date is still doubtful, since some sources point to January 17while others affirm that it will be the 18th.

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