This incredible AI is capable of transforming your worst drawing into a great illustration

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810429616 237700054 1706x960.jpg

KreaAI can turn your thoughts into images by letting you guide it with a simple drawing from which it will copy the composition.

Artificial intelligence is a technology that is increasingly being used in more and more areas due to the time and effort it is capable of saving in many tasks. Count with one great potential when doing many tasksincluding creating text and images from a description, something that is available on platforms such as Midjourney or LeonardoAI, accessible from Spain.

There are some cases in which AI can use an example or guide when creating images, and KreaAI is one of those models, since the user can indicate how they want the image to be composed in the purest Paint style, the legendary Microsoft program.

This model will create an image according to the description and the sketch, and the truth is that its results are spectacular, since It is capable of preserving the shapes that the user draws and at the same time represent what it asks for in the text box, where the description must be placed.

Great possibilities

After having tried several artificial intelligence image creation platforms, it is not difficult to see that, despite a lot of detail being included in the description, there are times when things do not go the way the user wants, especially when it comes to place each element in the box.

This artificial intelligence model called KreaAI wants to put an end to this problem using a simple editor with which you will leave Let the user make the first sketch of the image that you want to obtain, so that the final result is more in line with your intentions.

KreaAi in operation

The image editor also has quite interesting features. One of them is that it places a preview of the final design at the top, while at the bottom it allows you to modify the sketch, showing the results in real time at the top. This means that if, for example, a ship has been drawn in the middle of the sea, it can be moved and seen how it would look in different positions while it is being created.

In addition, several tools are included beyond the conventional brush, so it will be possible to use pre-established shapes such as squares and circles, among others. This allows for much more tuning. The aim when creating an image using artificial intelligence, and I can make users modify it freehand if they are not satisfied with the result. To try it, for the moment, it is necessary to sign up for a waiting list.

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