The Cadastre now has an official application: so you can check how much a property is worth and receive notices on your mobile

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The new Cadastre app allows you to carry out queries and procedures on properties, in addition to being able to add data to the records.

Public Administrations in Spain increasingly offer more facilities so that citizens can consult their information or carry out some procedures using their mobile phone. Apps such as Citizen Folder or Health Card allow you to get the most out of their respective electronic offices, and The Cadastre has also launched its own application.

The Cadastre is the public registry that contains the description of rural, urban and special characteristics real estate. Furthermore, their registration is mandatory—and free—, so, If you own any property, with this app you can access all its information and even consult its public reference price, which is updated every year.

It is now available to download from Google Play completely free of charge, and is accessed using the different authentication methods that are available to access the Internet headquarters. These are the digital certificate, the PIN code or permanent PIN code. It is also possible to do it with a cadastral reference. Many of its functions can replace a web consultation or a callso it promises to be of great help.

All information available

This application has been created thinking about offering easy access for citizens to all their data. Right after authenticating, the properties you own will appear on the main screen. If you don’t have any, nothing will simply appear. If yes, you will also be able to access many aspects of each of the properties, starting with their location.

In the same way, it is possible to access cadastral information and descriptive and graphic consultation documents each. These are official, and are also available in the Cadastre’s electronic headquarters. To facilitate the use of the app, it is possible to assign an alias to each property—which only the user will see—to better distinguish them. This will not be public, but rather replaces on a personal level the cadastral reference of each property, which is what will appear on each file on the main screen.

Cadastre application

A most interesting option is that it is possible to start the cartographic cadastre, locating the property on the map, as well as all its limits. In fact, even directions can be obtained to help reach the user in case you don’t know how to do it. If you want to request a modification of said information, the procedure is the same as always, so you will have to leave the app to present documentation.

If it is a property with unclear boundaries, within its file it will be possible to save notes and photographs that help locate the plot in the territory. After, A report will be generated in PDF format and it will be possible to download and save it on your mobile to have it at hand in case it is necessary. You can also draw its limits freehand. This is all for personal use, so it will have no effect on records.

Useful for notifications

One of the great advantages of the application is that it allows the user to receive notifications that occur about any of the properties that appear. These can be silenced from the profile page, but it is best to leave them activated to be aware of any events that occur and be able to consult them when you have time.

Every time there is a cadastral procedure that affects a property owned, a notice will be received showing what its purpose is. This will indicate whether it is necessary to provide any type of documentation or make any allegation, if it is a file. If any Common Agricultural Policy aid has been requested, the status of the application will appear.

Cadastral value in the app

It’s important to put attention on These notices do not count for notification purposes in legal terms. It is not considered electronic notification, since these must be consulted through the electronic headquarters and, when they are opened from there, any information will be considered as notified. That is, until a notification is opened from the electronic headquarters, the time to respond, plead or take any action will not begin to count.

Another of its options may also be of great interest to many people, since it allows you to see land prices. With this, The app will show the modules of the average value of the land on the map in euros per hectare. These prices are determined by the General Directorate of the Cadastre, and are defined in the Annual Report of the Rural Real Estate Market. To do this, some factors such as its location and urban circumstances are taken into account. This is a reference value, so it is descriptive. In short, if you own real estate, it is a great addition that, although it does not replace the electronic headquarters, can be used to obtain information.

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