So you can have GPT-4 Turbo without paying a dime, the most advanced AI of the moment

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so you can have gpt 4 turbo without paying a dime.jpg

LLM ChatGPT from OpenAI

The most up-to-date version of ChatGPT that OpenAI has released so far is GPT-4 Turbo. To date, this version has only been available to users of the premium ChatGPT Plus version or on Microsoft Copilot Pro. However, they have started enabling it as a free service so you don’t have to pay more.

The best-known large language model (LLM) in Spain is ChatGPT. Since its public launch in November 2022, it has amassed millions of users. However, there are only a few who enjoy all their updates immediately, since OpenAI releases them first to paying customers and takes longer to release them for free.

After a year after Sam Altman’s company released GPT-4 Turbo, it seems that we will finally be able to use it without paying anything thanks to the new Copilot AI update, the Microsoft assistant that integrates AI tools from OpenAI to Bing and Windows.

The president of Microsoft Web Experiences, Mikhail Parakhin, has shared the news through his X account (formerly known as Twitter): “After quite a bit of work, GPT-4 Turbo replaced GPT-4 in the free Copilot tier.” Furthermore, he added that professional consumers will still be able to choose the previous model if they prefer.

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Mikhail Parakhin


After removing some work, GPT4-Turbo replaced GPT-4 in the Copilot free tier. Pro users can still choose the older model, if prefer (there is a toggle).

March 17, 2024 • 10:02



ChatGPT-4 Turbo Features

The big difference between the GPT-4 Turbo version and its predecessor, the GPT-4, is the speed with which they offer results. Furthermore, it also stands out for having a greater precisionand for offering a complex task management Optimized long life.

According to its developers, GPT-4 Turbo has an extended context length compared to the basic version. Specifically, OpenAI specified that it had a context of 128,000 tokens, allowing it to assimilate up to 300 pages of text at the same time.

Likewise, it is compatible with DALL-E 3, with text-to-speech prompts and its database is updated as of April 2023.

With GPT-4 Turbo, OpenAI detailed that there would be three times less cost per input token and half as much per output token when compared to GPT-4.

free Microsoft Copilot

Will we have GPT-4.5 Turbo?

That Microsoft has released the use of ChatGPT-4 Turbo in Copilot so that everyone can use it without paying for an extra version may mean that OpenAI is about to release something new. Although the technology firm has not officially confirmed anything, an entry has been leaked in the search engines that encourages us to think that they have ‘an ace up their sleeve’.

Carlos Santana, also known as @DotCSV, an artificial intelligence popularizer present on various social networks, shared a screenshot of the leak. In the little that is shown, there is talk of a future update of the LLM, GPT-4.5 Turbo.

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Carlos Santana


A leaked blog (still cached) from OpenAI mentioning GPT-4.5 Turbo.

The mystery is: If they have written the blog, it is that the departure could be imminent (let’s aim for Thursday, GPT-4 anniversary). But as you can read, does your knowledge extend until June 2024? 😂

March 17, 2024 • 10:02



In the summary of the post that can be seen from the DuckDuckGo search engine, it talks about a model with greater speed, precision and scalability, capable of generating natural language or code with a context of 256,000 tokens.

However, the leak states that the knowledge with which the GPT-4.5 Turbo has been trained reaches June 2024. Therefore, if it is not a typo, it is likely that the update will not arrive until that date passes. .

«My suspicions are that it is a preliminary text and, therefore, the data that appears there may be fake -says Santana-. The only thing we can take seriously is that GPT-4.5 Turbo exists as an idea, and that if they are testing the blog, its release could be close.

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