Google attacks Apple on its big day: anniversary offers on its devices with up to 180 euros less on the Pixel 7 Pro

Google has lowered its current line of devices with aggressive discounts on its mobile phones and other devices. The Pixel 7a is one of the best mid-range of 2023 and is at a very attractive price


Today is Apple’s big event where they will present the iPhone 15 but a few days ago Google warned of an event to counterprogram that of Cupertino: they were going to celebrate some aggressive offers on the occasion of its 25th anniversary.

We could sense that the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro were going to be discounted, as well as the Pixel Buds Pro that needed a powerful official discount (even if it was for a limited time). Now, we already have the list of discounted devices and, if the leaks about the Pixel 8 are true, It is not a bad idea to bet on a Pixel 7.

180 euros less for the Pixel 7 Pro and 45 euros less for the Buds Pro

On October 4, Google will present all the details of its new phones. They have already been leaked ad nauseam and the company itself has shared a video in which we can see some details of the new models, such as the temperature sensor of the Pixel 8 Pro.

According to rumors, the Pixel 8 is going to increase in price, with increases of up to 200 euros in some models without expecting, at least because of the leaks, a substantial improvement in terms of features. Therefore, if you want a Google Pixel, it may be a good idea to take a look at the store’s offers.

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And, through the Google Store, The company has reduced both its most recent mobile phones and some devices and peripherals of the ecosystem. The most interesting discounts, obviously, are those on their mobile phones with almost a year behind them, but before commenting on anything, we leave them below:

  • Pixel 7a – from 509 to 458 euros
  • Pixel 7 – from 649 to 519.20 euros
  • Pixel 7 Pro – from 899 to 719.20 euros
  • Chromecast Google TV HD – from 39.99 to 31.99 euros
  • Chromecast Google TV 4K – from 69.99 euros to 55.99 euros
  • Pixel Buds Pro – from 229 to 183.20 euros
  • Nest Wifi Pro – from 219.99 to 175.99 euros
  • Nest Protect – from 129 to 103.20 euros
  • Nest Cam – from 99.99 to 79.99 euros
  • Nest Doorbell – from 199.99 to 159.99 euros

The offer for Chromecast Google TV It is almost ridiculous, since the HD model reduces its price by 8 euros, but on mobiles we have the most interesting. Between Pixel 7a -which reduces its price by 51 euros- and the Pixel 7 -129.90 euros cheaper- there are two very interesting options.

The main and wide-angle cameras are very powerful, we have the same SoC as in the Pixel 7 Pro and the design is practically copied. However, The Pixel 7 Pro has a discount of 179.80 euros and has a better screen and, above all, a spectacular telephoto.

The Pixel Buds Pro also needed a discount and the 45.80 euro one is juicy because they are still one of the best true wireless headphones on the market, but we already know that On October 4th the new generation will arrive and, in that case, perhaps it would be better to wait to see what improvements in battery, sound and noise cancellation the new model includes.

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If you want to access all the offers, you can do so through this link and hurry, as they will only be available today.