The best of YouTube Premium beyond not having ads: the 4 advantages that have surprised me the most

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Google keeps recommending the YouTube Music subscription, and we’ve tested it to see what its best advantages are.


Google is betting big on making YouTube Premium a great subscription. Of course, the company is responsible for promoting it from time to time to users who use the free version of the platform, and the truth is that, over time, it has become a service that can boast of having many advantages.

Its biggest advantage is the absence of ads, something that, if you use YouTube intensively throughout the day, can save a lot of time. However, the company has been increasing the number of benefits it offers with its premium subscription, whose price in Spain is 11.99 euros per month in its individual version and 16.99 euros per month in the family version. Although it is possible that these prices will rise soon in Spain.

We have tested YouTube Premium to see what it offers, beyond the absence of advertising, which is the best known. After trying it, it is undeniable that for those people who use YouTube a lot, it is a great option.

One of the big perks included with YouTube Premium is access to YouTube Music. It’s about the streaming music platform of the American company which rivals Spotify and Apple Music, since it is dedicated exclusively to music and podcasts.


This is a service that Google also offers independently for a monthly price of 8.99 euros and it is a great addition that can even mean that you do not need any other music service, since it has a large catalog of more than 100 million songs.

Its main features include the ability to listen to local audio files using the application, download music to listen to it offline and even access video clips of the songs. It uses the music library on YouTube, so its catalog is huge.

There are many occasions when it is normal to start watching a video and for various reasons you have to leave it halfway. Therefore, users of this mode have access to the “continue watching” function, with which it is possible to resume playback when it is left halfway, even if another device is used.

Whenever this happens, as soon as you open the YouTube app again, the app will suggest continuing to play the last video you were watching at the time you left off, which is very useful for watching long content. at several moments without having to remember where he had left off.


It is an interesting addition when watching long videos on YouTube, since there is not always time to finish them in the same session. One of the advantages of this feature is that YouTube itself will recommend the video right when you open the application.

If you have a mobile phone with a large screen or a tablet, the floating video mode can catapult productivity, since it allows you to continue playing while you exit the app to go, for example, to answer a WhatsApp or even to browse social networks. To do this, just play a video and go to the main screen.

However, it is also possible to have the playback continue, but without the video being displayed floatingly, keeping only the sound. This is useful when listening to podcasts or informative videos. For the first thing, it is also possible to use the YouTube Music app.

To activate this mode, you must follow the same steps as for the floating video, and when it is displayed, you just have to click on the headphones icon that will remain right above the displayed window. Additionally, in the YouTube app itself, an icon will appear on the songs so you can listen to them from YouTube Music.

This year 2023, the streaming video platform launched a new quality level, 1080p Premium. Despite being a Full HD resolution, it can offer a great experience. It is a great addition to watch videos on your computer or television.

This increase in image quality is motivated by the bit rate. When playing a video, this rate is the amount of data that is transmitted, and the higher it is, the better both the image and the sound will be, so it is worth using 1080p Premium when you want to enjoy maximum quality. of the videos.

It should be noted that this option is not available in all videos, but when it is, the improvement in the experience is noticeable. It is not a feature that makes the service more recommendable, but it is a great addition to the bulk of the advantages of the premium modality.

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