Goodbye to the Google shopping list: this is how it is integrated into Keep from now on

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806679492 237342999 1200x630.jpg

Google is going to delete its Shopping List function in its voice assistant, and will replace it with Google Keep in Spain.

One of the characteristics of Google as a company is that it does not leave its products static. It constantly updates and modifies them, and this is especially noticeable in some such as the Google Assistant, its voice assistant that never stops evolving, although some changes are not always well received.

One of the latest changes that has been announced, and that users can already see on their phones, is the migration of the Shopping List from this assistant to a Google application, Keep. This app is a productivity program, designed to have listsand Google wants it to be the center of this type of task.

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If you enter the shopping list, in the web address or by asking the assistant to open said List, you will see a notice indicating that “The Shopping List is moving to Google Keep“. And the thing is that this change is not optional, but will be mandatory.

When the Shopping List function was introduced in the Google Assistant, the company gave the option to use external applications, including Keep. Later it was forced to use a function built into the wizard. Now that’s going to change, your application being the only one available. This function will be activated in all accounts in a phased manner throughout the month of November, but the company already warns that at first the function of adding elements by voice commands may not work.

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To change this function you must enter the Google Assistant settings, which you can try to open with the command “Ok Google, open the assistant settings“and within that section, look for the Notes and Lists option. The only option to use Google Keep to synchronize the Shopping List is not to do so, something that is allowed.

Shopping List in Google Assistant

For a few months now the Shopping List function has not been working particularly well, at least in smart speakers, with some errors when deleting elements, duplicates, etc. This may be due to the development work being done for this change, but it is still an inconvenience. It is true that there are other applications for this task, but simply adding things to the kitchen is really convenient. Of course, there will always be Alexa.