YouTube Premium will improve image quality on Android and Google TV, how?

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1687254092 885616 1687254148 rrss normal.jpg

YouTube is testing a new Premium tier with 1080p resolution with a higher bit rate for Android and Google TV users. This is an exclusive feature for Premium members and offers much sharper quality videos than previous options. At the beginning of this year the option appeared for several users who surprisingly had the corresponding section, but it was not functional (little by little this changed). The thing is, the feature was being tested on selected iOS users, which was the operating system that Google chose as the testing ground for this and other features. At the time, and unsurprisingly, rumors surfaced that YouTube had plans to limit 1080p playback to its Premium subscribers. However, as confirmed by Google, this function was the opposite: a benefit for them, since they could take advantage of a higher bitrate (which results in better image quality). The new options for YouTube Premium The 1080p Premium tier we’re talking about offers a higher bit rate than the standard option at the same resolution, which means that videos will play in higher quality and with less buffering when streaming. new feature a reality for everyone. This is especially beneficial for users with high-speed Internet connections and large televisions. The feature, from the data available, seems to be spreading beyond iOS and, luckily, reaching Android devices and Google TV, as reported by 9to5Google based on user posts on different social networks. However, this is apparently only available to a select few users at the moment, so many will have to have some patience. While all users will still have access to using the 1080p resolution, this improved 1080p quality setting by using more bits in the definition will look much sharper and clearer, especially for videos with lots of detail and movement. An option with a possible effect called It is clear that this function can be a way for Google to promote subscriptions to YouTube Premium (something that is necessary, since it must not be forgotten that not long ago, the platform experienced a significant increase in the price on, say, your family plan last year). Clearly, it remains to be seen whether the new level of image quality will be successful, but it’s a welcome addition to YouTube’s offering. The fact that premium YouTube users can enjoy enhanced video quality at 1080p resolution shows that the service does not want to fall behind the competition in the streaming market. >

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