Telegram deals a heavy blow to WhatsApp: they will launch their own Stories

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Telegram CEO Pavel Durov has announced today that the messaging app he created years ago is preparing a new feature that will make it more competitive against all its competitors, including WhatsApp. We tell you what it is about. As Durov has indicated, the app will soon have its own Stories. According to the CEO, this is a possibility that users have been requesting this feature for years – more than half of all feature requests Telegram receives are related to this option. Although the company was initially reluctant to include this function because “they are already everywhere” (referring especially to social networks), they decided to listen to their users and respond to their demands. Telegram Stories With Telegram Stories, users will be able to decide who can see the ones that are published, thus obtaining great control over them (it will be possible to decide if the Stories will be visible to everyone, only to your contacts or only to a select few). By the way, each user will have the possibility to hide the Stories published by any contact, by moving them to the “Hidden” list in the Contacts section instead of the main screen. If you are wondering what Stories will look like in the app, what has been known is that these contents will be displayed in an expandable section at the top of your chat list. Besides, it is assumed that users will be able to add captions and links to their Stories and also have the option to tag other people (this is perfect, since it will be possible to publish photos and videos taken simultaneously with the front and rear cameras ). Some more details that have been known It will be possible to choose when each of the Stories that are published will expire (with these ranges: 6, 12, 24 or 48 hours). So, we’re talking about pretty comprehensive functionality with “the ability to save your stories to the profile page will make Telegram profiles more informative and colorful,” according to Durov in his announcement post. “Not only will you be able to explore more content from your closest contacts, but you’ll ultimately discover more about the users you interact with in groups or channel comments.” The CEO claims that after internal testing of Stories, even skeptics in the Telegram team began to appreciate the feature and that now they cannot imagine the messaging service without it. The Stories are in the final phase of testing and will be available in early July in the final Telegram application (that is, for everyone). >

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