Spotify now sells merchandising from its app: in time after the premiere of ‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’


An online store is Spotify’s new proposal in its app so you can find the most special items from your favorite musical groups.


Spotify continues to expand its horizons and after the arrival of Jam, a new experience to share music in real time with friends, it has now just launched. announce Merch Hub. A space located in the same mobile application where you can access the purchase of the merchandising of favorite artists or groups.

And the music streaming platform is transforming the musical artists’ own pages into a hub where to buy tickets for concerts, attend the premiere of their next songs or even now to access the purchase of a Taylor Swift t-shirt or any other type of product related to the musical band.

Spotify has announced from its website the arrival of this online store which it has called Merch Hub and in which they can be purchased from caps or t-shirts to the singers’ own vinyls or musical bands. The interesting thing about this new space is that it is linked to that of the artists or groups. That is, if you are listening to the new song drakefrom the page you can access the items for sale.

These types of articles have generated millions of benefits for artists for decades, as well as great satisfaction for the follower or fan of the artists better known. The big difference now is that, instead of having to go to a physical store as was done years ago, you can now buy these types of products from online stores, although Spotify’s proposal even adds a little value by allowing artists use this space to sell merchandising very special

What Spotify has done with Merch Club is unite in the same space on the web and in the app to access all articles, since previously they could be accessed, but only from individual profiles or the now playing view. In this way, what the platform does is connect the singers with their followers, and from what it drops from its advertisement on its website, last year, thanks to the results of Wrapped, the sales record for these was broken. articles from Spotify.

The new Spotifyt hub

Apart from the Merch Club, artists’ articles can also be accessed from their own pages, the playing view, and their albums or EPs. You can access Merch Club and any artist or musical group from this link you can start selling your material merchandising on Spotify from another. A special date for the deployment of this commercial space for the platform as Christmas is approaching on the horizon.

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