So you can know how much life is left in the battery of an iPhone

So you can know how much life is left in the battery of an iPhone
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The batteries of the cell phones regardless of the model or manufacturer of each device have a limited life time and are in constant deterioration due to the habits of use of people on a daily basis, in addition to the constancy with which they are burden completely. That is to say that the more it is used, the period of useful life will be reduced until it presents inconveniences such as minor autonomous life time.

People who want to be aware of the duration of this component over time should consider that the maximum capacity of the battery decreases over time until lasting less than normal. He 100% load of a new device is not the same amount of power as 100% of a iphone after a year of use.

In the case of iPhones, users have the ability to identify how many full loads approximate have remaining devices so they will be able to manage the energy they consume and might have a little more control over how much longer the life of the devices can be. cell phones.


The easiest option to identify the number of charge cycles that the devices have is to download a application additional call Coconut Batterywhich is free to access and free to download for any user who has a computer Mac. This platform will allow scanning a iphone and identify the energy what’s wrong with it.

The Coconut Battery app for Mac lets you view the charging capacity of users' iPhones. (Applesphere)

The Coconut Battery app for Mac lets you view the charging capacity of users’ iPhones. (Applesphere)

To start with this process, users must connect their iphone to the computer through a USB Cable and the application will start a quick diagnostic process of the device in real time. The data that can be obtained will be related to the health of the battery as the energy capacity component total, current charge, its temperaturedischarge rate in addition to the full charge cycles that the iPhone has at that time.

According to the official support page of Manzanathe iPhone battery is designed to maintain at least 80% of its original charge for approximately 500 charge cycles under “normal use conditions” covered by Apple’s one-year warranty, although under other circumstances the best option for users is to request assistance at an official store to confirm if it is possible to receive help.

Efficient charging of an iPhone battery

The most common way to load a device as this is to use a common charger designed for the iphonewhich connects the device to an electrical outlet through a lightning cableat least for as long as it takes Apple to establish the cables usb type c as the standard in the devices as established by the European Union at least for that market.

iPhone charger with lightning cable. (photo:

iPhone charger with lightning cable. (photo:

This would be the fastest and most efficient way to charge the devices because the electrical conductors are physically in contact, which allows a better energy transfer with minimal heat loss. However, this comes at a cost, which is that users who consistently enable the feature fast charge they degrade the state of your battery faster.

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iPhones have the ability to manage fast charging so that even when you reach a 80% of the battery capacity, the device goes into a slower process until it reaches the 100% Of capacity. However, this feature will wear out the electrodes faster and will hurt the phone in the medium term.

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