Say goodbye to losing files in the cloud with the latest from Google: this is the revolutionary Files search

say goodbye to losing files in the cloud with the latest from google this is the revolutionary files search
say goodbye to losing files in the cloud with the latest from google this is the revolutionary files search

Google Files has been improving over time to go from an app that simply cleaned the phone by searching for repeated images to one in which its experiences have multiplied exponentially. Now Google continues with its intention to turn it into a better app with two important new features.

An application that began its journey with basic functions to now become a more complex one; even with the possibility of being able to send entire folders between the mobile phone and the PC . An almost unique evolution compared to other apps that Google has stopped trusting, or in which it does not release as many updates  as it does with Keep.

The curious thing about this update is that Google Drive received several new features to improve its interface in the web version and an automatic capture mode. Now the technology giant brings one of the best features of Drive a Files so that you can scan a document thanks to the new floating button discovered a few hours ago.

In fact, this new feature brings with it the  machine learning of the Google Drive document scanner . Exactly two modes are included with which to opt for an ideal experience for this app called Google Files. These are the two new modes and their new features:

  • Manual Mode : You have to press the button after framing the document so that it is completely scanned.
  • Automatic Mode : here the app will take care of scanning the document automatically after identification.
  • Once the document is scanned, filters can be used to optimize its reading or viewing.
  • The scanned documents are saved on the mobile in the /Files by Google/Scanned path.

Of course, you can also find the scanned documents from the tab itself in documents and other categories. This inclusion means that there will be no differences in quality or functionality between the two tools, one in Google Drive and the other in Google Files.

Smart File Search

The other great novelty of this Google app is the smart search or Smart Search . What it does is search for information in documents and images that would otherwise be very difficult to do. A functionality that has been deployed, but its operation is now fully known.

This new feature uses  local machine learning to improve search in the app. In fact, from the settings you can read that this feature is a way to obtain better search results with automatic scanning of the content of the files on the device. But precisely in the new update you can read the new capabilities of the app:

  • The news is available for  Smart Search .
  • Images can now be searched for text .
  • The same for PDF files.
  • Location and objects in images .
  • The title, album, and artist of an audio and video file.
  • See the images in Ultra HDR for those phones that support it.

And this intelligent Google Files search even surpasses some operating system file explorers. For example, for images and PDFs stored on the mobile, text recognition is capable of finding important documents by using the keywords in them. The same can be applied for images and screenshots.

Regarding the search for objects in images, there are two important pieces of information to take into account to better understand the experience it offers; one where you have to forget about searching for location-based photos. Two key aspects:

  • You can search for images in objects , but it does not work the same as in Google Photos, capable of searching for friends or family in images.
  • Google Files uses an offline method , which is a great advantage for privacy, although it does not reach the level of the same experience in Google Photos.

Another point in its favor, according to Android Police , is that the analysis of the files on the mobile is done periodically , so when the smart search is available we will have to wait for it to offer all the search results. That is, there is no manual way to activate file scanning.


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