The 7 best watches for Android if you want to pay in contactless stores

 Mobile payments have become really popular in Spain, and using a smartwatch is no longer unusual. You can do it without having to pay a lot.

Smart bracelets have experienced a golden age in Spain which allowed many to peek into the world of wearables. They are simple, very economical and have many functionalities. Of course, more and more users are making the leap to smart watches, which They offer a better design, as well as functions that are not available in bracelets.

One of the most valued is the ability to pay with your mobile phone in any store or location thanks to NFC.. Watches with payment systems, such as the Apple Watch, allow you to pay by bringing your wrist to the payment terminal. In the case of Android phones, the most used system is Google Wallet, formerly known as Google Pay, which is also the system used in Wear OS, the operating system for watches. There are other methods too, such as Samsung Pay or Fitbit Pay.

 Of course, you must have a compatible credit card with this system. That will depend on the bank in question, although in Spain there are already many that allow this type of facilities. Entities such as Banco Santander, BBVA, Bankinter or ING are just some of the dozens of banks that offer compatibility with mobile payments.

Models of all kinds

Smart watches are more expensive than bracelets, for multiple reasons, although many of them are now trying to get closer to the aesthetics of watches with much larger screens, better quality straps… Despite that, smartwatches will always be more expensive than braceletsThis must be taken into account.

The selection of watches compatible with mobile payments does not include the Apple Watch because that watch only works with iPhones, but obviously if you have an Apple mobile it is a very good option to pay with the watch. In the case of Watches from other brands can normally be used with any Android mobile phone and also with iPhones..

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 TicWatch E3

The first of the watches is a very basic model, which has been on the market for some time and has fair features, but can be found for around 105 euros in stores like Amazon. Thus it becomes one of the most economical proposalsby far, to be able to pay with the watch.

It has IP68 protection, 1 GB of RAM and Qualcomm processor. In addition, the design is very clean and minimalist, and its 20 mm strap can be changed for other generic ones. It has a microphone and speaker, which allows it to be used to answer and make calls, without having to touch the phone. There is more data in your analysis.

Fitbit Versa 2

FitBit Versa 2

Another inexpensive device but simpler, and focused on sports activity, is the Fitbit Versa 2, a watch from the company that Google bought and that is being its workhorse for wearables. Even the Pixel Watch uses technology from Fitbit.

In this case it is a model that costs about 119 euros, a reasonable price for a watch with advanced features and that has not only mobile payments, but also with Alexa as a voice assistant, and with synchronization options with Spotify, for example. Of course, you can see notifications from your wrist and respond quickly.


TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS

The next model raises the price a little more, but it still remains at around 149 euros, much less than what it cost at launch. The TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS is a watch that passed through the analysis table in its 4G version and that stood out for its good autonomy and having two screens.

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This allowed very valuable energy savings without having to sacrifice the ability to install applications, have an advanced voice assistant or use all Google services. In addition, it has an energy saving mode, with only basic functions, lasting up to six weeks.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung is another brand that offers watches compatible with Google Wallet, and one of the latest models is on sale. It is the Galaxy Watch 4 with a 40 mm strap, which can be found for just under 150 euros. In this case you get a great design, a very fluid interface and functions that other watches do not have. The Classic model is also reduced, at a price of 169 euros, with a more conventional aesthetic and a rotating frame.

Integration with Samsung watches is much better that with bulls watches and the design is also more stylized and somewhat futuristic, which may not please everyone. Of course, the huge amount of covers and customization options help make each unit almost unique.


TicWatch 5 Pro

The latest TicWatch company model is also compatible with Google Wallet, and its price is also reduced, although it is noticeably higher than its predecessor. It costs 269.99 euros, but in exchange It offers an autonomy that can be close to 5 days with normal use.

It also has a secondary LCD screen which means that the main one does not have to always be active and, despite that, you can see the time, steps and more data without turning the watch on completely. In addition, it has 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory, which together with the latest generation Qualcomm processor make it one of the most powerful on the market.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Another Pro model, in this case from Samsung, is the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, a true all-terrain beast designed for the most adventurous. It is a large watch, with a high price but reduced to less than 270 euros. It doesn’t have the battery of the TicWatch 5 Pro but it is one of the most interesting Wear OS watches in terms of battery.

Furthermore, at the health record level, it is one of the most complete, and even allows electrocardiograms to be taken, something that is not possible with the rest of the watches on this list. It started from a very high price, but currently it is one more, and If it is not a problem to wear a watch with a very large crown diameter, one of the best options.


Pixel Watch 2

Moving up the price step is the Pixel Watch 2, the first of the Google watches that is available in Spain. Of course, its price of 399 euros can be somewhat expensive for many, especially since many alternatives are much cheaper.

A watch designed for those who want a small case, which does not bother the wrist, and with a screen that hides the frames very well. Furthermore, the measurement of health parameters has improved significantly compared to the first generation, which was not sold in Spain.