Samsung plans to introduce its own AI in the Galaxy S24

samsung generative ai

Can you imagine having a revolutionary ChatGPT in the palm of your hand? It’s what you’re trying to accomplish Samsung after learning that he is currently immersed in the development of a generative artificial intelligence capable of dealing with other large intelligent systems such as Open AI’s ChatGPT. If you want to know how Samsung will implement this new AI on its mobile devices, keep reading.

Artificial intelligence is a great technological event that large corporations are already implementing in the business world. In fact, according to the latest studies, 35% of companies In the world they have already introduced artificial intelligence tools in their businesses. And what do they use this type of technology for? Many of these companies use AI to improve the user experience, for example in the field of customer service, or improve digital campaigns to obtain a greater competitive advantage.

In the case at hand, Samsung is very clear that to continue evolving in the market it must implement new commercial mechanics. To this end, the South Korean giant has already confirmed that it will take into account the development of its own generative artificial intelligence to integrate it into future smartphones that come to market. Its purpose is to achieve the creation of your particular ChatGPT and revolutionize the technological landscape.

After the conference that Samsung held throughout the week, the software development company, Samsung Research, showed the public the sketch of its future artificial intelligence for mobile phones, called Samsung Gauss. In this forum, attendees had the opportunity to meet The principal caracteristics that this new tool can offer, divided into three fundamental functions:

  • Samsung Gauss Language– You will have the possibility to compose emails, summarize documents and translate any text.
  • Samsung Gauss Image– You will have the full ability to generate and edit images in the blink of an eye.
  • Samsung Gauss Code: a coding assistant with sophisticated functions and aimed at the most die-hard people in the world of computing and developers.
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When will Samsung Gauss be available?

Samsung did not want to give an official date for when homegrown artificial intelligence can be used, but hopes to be able to introduce it in the Galaxy S24 models that will go on sale next year. For the moment, the technological entity continues to bet on the artificial intelligence of its Bixby application for home appliances, but at the same time it has already revealed that it does not intend to fight against ChatGPT, because it is a very powerful tool.

In fact, Miyoung Yoovice president of Samsung Electronics’ home appliance division, argued last September that “we often think about ChatGPT, but we don’t aim for such a powerful service”. Likewise, Samsung has highlighted that Samsung Gauss is currently in the testing phase, aimed exclusively at “employee productivity”, in such a way that “it will be expanded to a variety of Samsung product applications to provide a new user experience in the near future.”

Be that as it may, artificial intelligence is one of the most dynamic and innovative technological applications that have emerged in recent years. Will we see a native ChatGPT on our smartphones soon? Only time will tell.