Premieres coming to Netflix, Prime Video and more for the weekend of June 2

Premieres coming to Netflix, Prime Video and more for the weekend of June 2
premieres coming to netflix, prime video and more for the

The first weekend of June arrives and there is a series of premieres on video platforms who intends that you do not get bored if you do not have many plans. We show you what we think is most interesting that comes from June 2 between the different services that work in Spain.

As a series we want to highlight the premiere of the third season of valerie, a creation that lands on Netflix and where the intensity of the group of friends who are protagonists is maintained. New situations are developed for each of them and with great intensity in the sentimental section. The fact is that it is a creation where friendship comes before everything and, the truth is that it can be entertaining for many. A good way to spend the afternoon.

Among the movies there is one that will surely allow everyone to have a great time in front of the television. We talk about The pact, which you can enjoy on Prime Video. It is an action creation that begins with an ambush. There, Kinley and Ahmed are the only ones who manage to survive. Pursued by enemy fighters, Ahmed risks his life to get Kinley to safety. With an unwavering determination to protect his friend and pay off his debt, the protagonist returns to the war zone with the goal of rescuing Ahmed and his family before they are captured by local militias. Without a doubt, this is quite a fun option that we recommend you enjoy.

In the rest of the premieres for the weekend of June 2

we leave you a list with what we think is the most interesting of all that comes new to video platforms this weekend:


  • Scoop: Season One Premieres June 2
  • Missed Connections: Premiere June 2
  • Manifest: season four premieres June 2
  • Rich in love: premiere on June 2

Prime Video

  • With love: Season 2 premieres June 2
  • Bright Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets: Opening June 2
  • Medellín: premiere on June 2


  • Magic Mike’s Last Dance: Premieres June 2
  • Richard Jewell: Premiere June 2
  • Pregnant: premiere on June 2

Movistar Plus+

  • Stories not to tell: premiere on June 2


  • Wildfire: premiere on June 2
  • And They Will All Burn: Premiere June 2
  • The inspiration: The great Pirandello: premiere on June 2


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