Nubank expands portfolio with personal loan insurance

Nubank expands portfolio with personal loan insurance
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Nubank announced this Wednesday (28) that customers who take out a personal loan in the company’s app now have a financial protection alternative to combat unexpected events and keep their installments up to date. This is possible through Nubank Parcela Segura, an inaugural version of insurance known in the market as credit life.

This is a partnership with Chubb Seguros, which will be gradually made available to all eligible users to obtain credit through a personal loan at Nubank. The partnership also enables the operation of Nubank Vida and Nu Vidas Together life insurance and Nubank Celular Seguro.

Nubank’s new insurance product presents itself as an alternative during the 100% digital flow of taking out a personal loan in the app, with a guided experience. Nubank Parcela Segura helps cover the payment of loan installments in case of income impacted by loss of formal employment or accidents resulting in disability or death. Protection covers three to six installments of the loan, depending on the user’s needs.

Only in cases of resignation or loss of employment for just cause are they not covered by the product.

The value of Nubank Parcela Segura is linked to the loan amount and number of installments, in addition to the customer profile.

Nubank also recently launched car insurance – the Nubank Auto, currently available to eligible customers in cities in the South region, such as Curitiba (PR), Florianópolis (SC) and Porto Alegre (RS). Throughout the year, the product will be made available in other regions and customers can already express their interest through a waiting list.

The insurance options offered by Nubank are available according to eligibility criteria for customers directly in the app, in a 100% digital experience and customizable coverage.

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