My Citizen Folder is updated with new procedures to avoid going to public administrations

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My Citizen Folder mobile app

When carrying out certain procedures with the different public administrations, we already know that we can end up in an endless loop of bureaucracy and waste of time. To solve this, the My Citizen Folder app arrived, which now welcomes new procedures and functions.


My Citizen Folder It seeks to facilitate the relationship between citizens and the Administration through the Internet, allowing dozens of procedures to be carried out comfortably that we would waste a lot of time doing in person. Little by little, it incorporates more functions with each update and recently it has received one of the most important.

News in My Citizen Folder

We had no big news in the My Citizen Folder application since last October 2023, when the possibility of easily downloading the birth certificate was added. Now, with the arrival of the new year, the app receives a new version that integrates new functions for those with a mobile phone and a digital certificate to validate their identity.

My Citizen Folder mobile application



One of the main novelties also comes in the form of a certificate that is required for a multitude of procedures. Thanks to the new integration of the application with the city council database, you no longer need to go to them to get the certificate of registration. You just have to enter the Housing section > Address and My address (registration data).

Others of the new procedures that come to the application do not seem to be that useful for the general population, but they may be of help to you in your particular case. These are: consultation of the history of municipalities of residence and consultation of the status of high-level athlete.

Customizing alerts

Another of the great novelties has to do with the possibility of being able set up alerts and automatically point to the calendar certain appointments related to pending procedures, such as when you have to pass the MOT.

User of the public application My Citizen Folder

This option has now been integrated inside the settings menu of the app so that we can receive push notifications on our smartphone. Additionally, we can also configure them to notify us by email or a combination of both. The route to follow is as follows: Settings > Notification Management > Notification Configuration. Once inside this menu we can select the chosen contact method, having to add our email address to receive them this way.

You can also configure when you want to receive the notices, allowing you to configure up to two different advance notices. from 90 days to two days before of the procedure. Likewise, we can choose whether we want it to notify us of all the procedures compatible with the alert service or only some of them (ID, electronic ID, ITV, passport, driving license and prior appointments).

In order to benefit from the latest news from My Citizen Folder you will only have to update to the latest version available in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store or download it right now, since this way you will get the latest version possible.

My citizen folder
My citizen folder
My Citizen folder
My Citizen folder
My Citizen folder
Developer: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation



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