How to use ChatGPT without registration and without mobile number


ChatGPT has established itself as the best-known generative Artificial Intelligence tool worldwide. Both in the training and professional fields, there are many uses that it can offer us. And it is precisely this point, together with the simplicity that comes from its use, two of the reasons that have allowed it to consolidate its current positioning. But can it be used without registering and without a mobile number? We tell you.

Since its launch last November by OpenAI, ChatGPT has continued to generate attention and attract a growing number of users. Although it is true that the tools of Generative Artificial Intelligence They had been with us for several months, the vast majority of them were paid and, furthermore, their performance was not even similar to what ChatGPT offers us.

However, in order to use this tool, OpenAI requires us to enter our email and our mobile phone. But, what happens if we cannot register with our email or mobile number? We tell you some alternative ways that can help us meet our goal.

Why does ChatGPT need phone number?

When we access the OpenAI website, the company requires us to register with both our email like through our mobile phone. While it is true that most of the services we use on a daily basis require our email, it is not common for us to have to enter our phone number. OpenAI has opted for this option to prevent users from using ChatGPT for any purpose other than the permitted one. In addition to avoid duplicate accounts that can overwhelm the servers.

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However, and as usually happens in these cases, there are different alternatives that will allow us be able to use ChatGPT if we cannot enter our phone number or do not have access to it for any reason.

Alternatives to having to register our phone number in ChatGPT

ChatGPT via Bing

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, uses ChatGPT technology to offer an improved search experience. Unlike the native version of ChatGPT, in this case we can further personalize both the experience and the responses that the platform offers us. Since we can configure the search engine providing information about whether we want to receive more elaborate responses or, on the contrary, shorter and more creative ones. Depending on existing needs.

The Snapchat search engine

Although Snapchat is known for its social aspect, the reality is that it also allows us to use a search engine that works through ChatGPT technology. We only have to log in with the usual application data and access the chat tab. From there, we can use it similar to ChatGPT, without having to resort to the usual channels.


In addition to the three options mentioned previously, we can also go to Discord to use ChatGPT in the channel they have dedicated to it. In /r/ChatGPT we find a server that has bots dedicated to it. We only have to go to this address, create the account and we will have access to the different chatbot lists. Among them, ChatGPT.

Use virtual phone numbers

In the event that none of the previous options convince us, another alternative that we can choose is to trust some of the multiple applications that allow us have virtual phone numbers able to operate normally: both with phone calls and through text messages. In most cases, we only have to download the application of the company in question and we will automatically have a second line with which to register in ChatGPT.

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