Multi H 5G: 256GB storage and 5G make it a good choice? | Hands-on video


The Multi H 5G is the first smartphone from the Europeian brand to be announced with support for the 5G connection. The device also features a 256GB internal storage.

This makes it the cheapest cell phone on the market with this amount of memory, and the smartphone also delivers an attractive design and other interesting attributes.

Does this set have the good value for money that every Europeian is looking for in times of tight budget? Well, that’s what we’re going to try to answer in this quick hands-on.


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design and accessories

The Multi H 5G is a smartphone designed to offer an affordable price and support for the 5G connection. In the field of design, the device features minimalist visual elements and polycarbonate construction.

In addition, at the rear we have a camera module with three sensors and LED flash, while the front has a display with a hole to accommodate the selfie camera.

Of course, the bottom edge is a little thicker than the others, but this is common in smartphones that seek to be more accessible and have an IPS LCD panel.

We also have some interesting surprises in the Multi H 5G. An example of this is the presence of a fingerprint reader on the power button and NFC for contactless payments.

That is, we have a resource that is not so common to find in cell phones of this category. Another point that needs to be highlighted is the use of the USB-C port for charging.

At the bottom of the Multi H 5G you should still find audio output, but unfortunately there’s no P2 port for wired headphones. In any case, holding the Multi H 5G will not be a problem, since the smartphone is thin and light.

And what’s in his box? Good. Multi sends a very complete set, with USB-C cable, fast charger, film, transparent case, adapter for you to use wired headphones and even the headphone itself.

screen and hardware

Multi H 5G was announced with 6.5 inch IPS LCD screen which is of good quality and ensures cool experience for watching YouTube videos and social media content.

In addition, the resolution is HD Plus and there is still a refresh rate of 90 Hz, something that is in line with what is sold in this category. Overall, the day-to-day user experience is good.

To ensure the 5G connection and an intermediate performance, we have the MediaTek Dimensity 700 chipset here in the Multi H 5G. This chip is well known in the market and does the job for day-to-day tasks.

That is, surfing social networks, taking pictures, watching videos, answering messages or even playing some casual games. All of this will be carried out with good performance around here.

The Dimensity 700 even works together with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage. This storage is the most positive point of the Multi H 5G.

That’s because most of its direct competitors deliver storage of just 128 GB, and the 256 GB can still be expanded with a MicroSD card thanks to the hybrid slot.

In practice, storage will not be a problem for those who buy the Multi H 5G. Leaving now for the battery, here in the device we have the standard of 5,000 mAh.

It is not quite new that the vast majority of current smartphones have this capability. This should guarantee a full day away from the socket for that more conservative user.

That is, who does not spend the whole day playing games or watching movies on Netflix. Even so, the Multi H 5G supports fast charging at 18 Watts, something positive in this category.

Multi H 5G

  • 6.5-inch LCD screen with Full HD+ resolution
  • 90 Hz refresh rate with camera hole
  • Platform MediaTek Dimensity 700
  • GPU Mali-G57 MC2
  • 8 GB of RAM memory
  • 256GB of internal storage
  • 8 MP front camera
  • Three rear cameras:
    • Main lens with 50 MP sensor
    • Ultrawide lens with 2 MP sensor
    • Macro lens with 2 MP sensor
  • 5G, NFC and Dual Band Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 5,000 mAh battery
  • Android 12 operating system

Multi H 5G counts Android 12 by default. The system present in the device is fluid and was well refined for this set of hardware. On a daily basis, you won’t have any hiccups and the interface will flow satisfactorily.

Also because Multi’s system is very close to pure Android. That is, with few modifications and this is something that we know Europeians like.


The Multi H 5G hits the market with three rear cameras and, to the surprise of many, the device’s main sensor is 50 megapixels.

The other lenses are macro and depth with 2 megapixels. Well, not much needs to be said. The Multi H 5G is, in practice, a single-camera smartphone. In everyday life you will get good pictures with the main sensor.

The 50 megapixels guarantee a nice resolution to preserve details and the digital stabilization helps a little in moments of haste, but it is clear that it is not as efficient as the optics.

In addition, the color calibration is ok and the Multi’s software is pleasant for those who are starting the journey in the world of smartphones. It also provides a night mode for you to capture some cool shots at night.

Nothing too exceptional, but it’s a useful feature. Talking about the front sensor, it has 8 megapixels to deliver ok quality selfies, something already expected from this smartphone category.

This sensor can also be used for facial recognition, but of course you will prefer to use the fingerprint sensor for the greater security it provides.

First impressions and prices

Multi’s smartphone has an interesting technical sheet for anyone looking for an affordable device with a 5G connection, but making it clear that it is not a premium intermediary or anything like that.

The Multi H 5G does have its limitations in the photographic field, but it tries to make up for it by delivering a cool processor, support for the fifth generation network and a battery that will last a whole day.

In addition, another important point that is a differential in relation to the competition is, without a doubt, the two-year warranty. In other words, a very relevant detail for anyone concerned with long-term durability.

In short, it’s a good smartphone for the audience it wants to serve. Costing BRL 1,999, the Multi H 5G has an interesting price for offering storage and RAM above competitors.

But of course, for that price you can find even better options on the market, something the company tries to fight by offering various promotions on its official website, making it cost BRL 1,699.

That is, if you liked the Multi H 5G and want to buy a unit on sale, just go to the official online store of Multi and insert code TDMULTIH, which gives 30% discount on the device. Valid until July 27, 2023.

Multi H 5G is available from Multi for BRL 1,759.

(updated June 28, 2023, 11:08 PM)