Minecraft Trails and Tales arrives with launch trailer, new features and more

Minecraft Trails & Tales arrives June 7 with new biome and mechanics
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Minecraft Trails and Tales is now available for download at version 1.20 about the game. As previously reported, the Mojang Studios title arrives with some news and even a launch trailer. Now, it is already possible to download the update in both Java and Bedrock versions.

In general, this new version promises to be “revolutionary” and one of the highlights is the addition of a new passive mob that was the winner of Minecraft Live 2022. With the name of Sniffers, these new mobs can be found in the Suspicious Sand of the Ruins of the Warm Ocean.

Another important new feature for this version is the Archeology feature. In this sense, every time the player finds Suspicious Gravel or Suspicious Sand, he may be led to some items such as sniffer eggs, tools, and pottery shards. Also, users now have the opportunity to ride camels.

To do this, just equip a saddle on them and when you put the accessory on, up to two people can travel on it. They should appear naturally in-game whenever Desert Villages spawn. Not only that, but animals can be crossed with cacti so that a pup can be generated.

Other new features include new biomes, as well as bamboo items and so-called Ancient Seeds. In case they can be planted in the ground to grow new plants or be dug up from the ground by the sniffer. The update is now available to everyone and details can be found on the game’s download page.

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