Microsoft updates Copilot with new features in ChatGPT and DALL-E, and launches an app to help blind people

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Seeing AI is capable of facilitating everyday tasks such as identifying objects or reading, helping people with low vision.

This 2023, artificial intelligence has experienced a great expansion thanks to the large number of models and projects that have emerged around this technology, which causes great interest in Spain. It has shown that it can be very useful, and a good example of this is Copilot, from Microsoft, which From now on it will use ChatGPT-4 Turbo and DALL-E 3.

The company has also presented an Android application that uses artificial intelligence to help people who are blind or have vision difficulties, using a cognitive model. Among its main characteristics are the ability to read text using the camera, describe what surrounds the user or recognize banknotes and their value. His name is Seeing AI, and It is now available on Google Play.

With these ads, it reaffirms its commitment to integrating AI into users’ lives, focusing on everyday tasks such as generating responses, creating images and rewriting text, changing its tone and format. Many of these features are already available in Microsoft Edge, and the app is now available on Android.

News in Copilot

The assistant with artificial intelligence from Bill Gates’ company has announced the ChatGPT-4 Turbo addition, which has improvements for generating responses in long tasks using more detailed context. Additionally, the OpenAI model will be combined with Bing image search to provide a better understanding of images.

New Copilot website that replaces Bing Chat

It is complemented by Inline Compose, the rewriting menu with which it is possible to reformulate a text in a different way. This last feature will soon be in Edge. Likewise, Bing searches on complex topics will be improved to expand the information that reaches the user, making this process quick.

Imaging also receives improvements with the DALL-E 3 update, which is the most current version, released last September. Beyond this, the company has introduced in beta phase a code interpreter intended for programmers and that will allow more precise calculations to be carried out and offer a better explanation of it.

Now available in Spain

Microsoft’s new application is translated into 18 languages, and the company has confirmed that They will double this figure in 2024. For now, new features are now available to all users in this app, which can now be downloaded from Google Play. And until now, it was only available on iOS, where it was launched as a research project

To do its job it uses the camera, and its main function is that it is capable of recognizing the environment. It has different sections in which each of its uses appears, and all you have to do is pick up your phone and point the camera at an object or text for it to start working.

Seeing AI

It allows the user to be provided with relevant details and information about their surroundings so that they are able to orient themselves using its help. This includes identifying people, bills, colors and even describing how illuminated the environment is.

It can read a short text the moment it appears in front of the camera, read the content of a document after guiding the user to capture it correctly, and is even capable of scanning barcodes and identifying products.

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