Google will allow you to save your data before the next closure of one of its apps

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Google Podcast will close in April, and the company has announced that it will allow you to download a file with all your account data.


A little over two months ago, the closure of Google Podcast, the iconic Google platform that has been open in Spain for years, offering quick and simple access to this content for free. Its content will become available on YouTube Music, with the aim of promoting this application.

It is not the only closure that the company has carried out this year, since other services such as Google Domains or functions, such as the shopping list, have also ended up disappearing. This closure will take place in 2024, and there is a good news for users who want to keep their data.

The data migration will not necessarily have to be to YouTube Music, but users will be able to transfer their subscriptions and more information from their accounts to other third-party applications such as Pocket Casts. This offers many more possibilities of choice if you do not want to opt for the official Google alternative.

Closing in 2024

Although the platform has announced its definitive closure for the month of April, already in 2024, Google guarantees the app service until the end of March. However, if you want to start using another service, it will be highly recommended to migrate the data soon. To do this, the American company will offer users two options.

On the one hand, followed podcasts, played episodes and more information can be imported directly from the YouTube Music application, which is the place from which Google will offer this content in the future. They must be available in the application, but if not, they can be added using an RSS link.

In addition, it will be possible to download a file with an OPML extension to keep a backup copy that, in this way, can be used on podcast playback platforms other than Google, in case you do not want to transfer information to YouTube.

According to 9to5GoogleAt least in the United States, the possibility of downloading this backup will be enabled until July, three months after the definitive closure of the company’s platform. For now, it may be a good option to go looking for alternatives that allow the import of OPML files, such as Pocket Casts or DoggCatcher.

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