Goodbye to Android Auto: the car manufacturer that retires it with ChatGPT

goodbye to android auto the car manufacturer that retires it with chatgpt
goodbye to android auto the car manufacturer that retires it with chatgpt

Every company is looking for a way to integrate AI and Volkswagen has already found how to boost one of the experiences of its cars.

If Volkswagen is backing down to give greater prominence to physical buttons compared to touch screens , according to the feedback received from its customers, a few hours ago it announced its plans to integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT in its vehicles in the second quarter of this same year.

The word ‘AI’ now sells and every company is looking for ways to integrate it in a way that improves product and service experiences. And that really has to be its objective so that it really provides a benefit , in this case, to the driver of the next vehicle from the German brand Volkswagen.


The announcement made by the German vehicle manufacturer has made it clear that the arrival of ChatGPT in its cars will be to improve the experience of its ‘IDA’ voice assistant . The idea is that the assistant is activated through the voice command ‘Hello IDA’. In this way, you can control the vehicle’s functions, request information and receive alerts of all kinds about the operation of the utility vehicle.


Stefan Ortmanss, CEO of Cerence, announces that the integration of ChatGPT is a reality through Cerence Chat Pro to bring generative AI to the automotive industry and offer an unmatched experience in flexibility, customization and simple deployment without forgetting security and the usability of the drivers.


Another objective is to bring natural conversations between the voice assistant and the driver in a Volkswagen vehicle, as well as access valuable information that resolves the complex questions of the driver and his passengers. In fact, there is a very important point for Volkswagen: maintaining the privacy of the driver’s answers and questions.

That is, all interactions between the driver and ChatGPT will be deleted immediately and OpenAI will not have access to the driving data. Which will keep valuable information safe; Just one of the biggest criticisms received by the company that created the chatbot and that has involved the use of data protected by copyright.

Volkswagen is one of the few manufacturers that is finding a real use for OpenAI’s generative AI to revolutionize some of the aspects of its utilities; especially that of his assistant who will offer natural conversations with the driver and his passengers so that the information is accessible and easy to understand by anyone. The announcement with all the information is present on its website and it will be necessary to see if the German brand finally retracts this integration after the feedback it receives, just as has happened with touch screens.


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