Elon Musk wanted to merge OpenAI with Tesla and have “absolute control”

elon musk wanted to merge openai with tesla and have.jpg
elon musk wanted to merge openai with tesla and have.jpg

Elon Musk on OpenAI and Tesla

Elon Musk sued OpenAI on Friday, March 1. As he has detailed, ChatGPT-4 is actually a general artificial intelligence (AI) and Sam Altman is running a technology company instead of a non-profit organization, among other things. The AI ​​firm has counterattacked by saying that, when he was the CEO, he wanted “absolute control” and merge it with Teslaits car brand.

Musk’s accusations about OpenAI actually stem from an unwritten agreement made to found the company in 2016 that they have allegedly breached. However, the company behind ChatGPT, DALL-E and other AI services has responded in a post on its website this Tuesday, March 5.

OpenAI’s response to Musk’s lawsuit

The technology company has clarified that it will take measures to dismiss “Elon’s claims.” In addition, he took the opportunity to tell his version of the story about the change of objectives with respect to the initial idea of ​​​​founding OpenAI.

The truth is that, initially, the company had set out to offer artificial intelligence services for free; hence its name ‘OpenAI’ which refers to the open source AI that they wanted to make available to everyone. However, as time went by, they chose to enable a paid service to have access to news of its large language model (LLM) before anyone else.

OpenAI ChatGPT Plus

During the time when managers were discussing a for-profit structure, it was Musk himself who wanted to merge OpenAI with another company, specifically his automobile company. According to the post, the former CEO wanted “absolute control” of the brand: “In early February 2018, Elon sent us an email suggesting that OpenAI should ‘connect with Tesla as its revenue stream’.

The co-founders of OpenAI Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever, John Schulman, Sam Altman and Wojciech Zaremba assure that, with this move, Musk intended to gain “the majority share capital, initial control of the board of directors and be executive director.” The magnate’s proposal went against the idea of ​​​​promoting a non-profit organization that he himself claims was unbreakable.

The American firm shares other internal conversations to show that Musk is lying in his complaint. In the blog, they consider that the entrepreneur was confused with the mission of OpenAI, but they cite a message that Ilya Sutskever sent him: «As we get closer to building AI, it will make sense to be less open. Openness in OpenAI means that everyone should benefit from the fruits of AI once it is built, but it is totally fine not to share the science.

In addition, they highlight that Musk expressed an initial commitment to invest up to a billion dollars in OpenAI and, finally, invested less than 45 million dollars (which is equivalent to about 41 million euros).

In the publication, the rest of the co-founders mention that they feel sad to have come to this dispute with someone they admire “deeply” and who “inspired them to aim higher.” “Then he told us we would fail, created a competitor and sued us when we began to make significant progress,” they noted.

Is ChatGPT an artificial general intelligence?

Musk’s lawsuit also addresses the issue that the latest major update to OpenAI’s LLM is already an AGI (general AI). This accusation is not new, since it has previously expressed the danger that the development of AI by the most advanced firms like this could pose. But the company continues to deny it.
In an internal statement from strategy director Jason Kwou, leaked by Axios, he explained the differences between GPT-4 and the concept of AGI. The first “is capable of solving small tasks in many jobs, but the ratio between the work done by a human and that done by GPT-4 in the economy remains astonishingly high.” Meanwhile, an AGI “will be a highly autonomous system capable enough of devising novel solutions to long-standing challenges.”
OpenAI’s Tuesday response to Musk’s accusations does not directly allude to this section of the complaint. However, this internal communication shows that They haven’t reached that point of development yet.

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