Lotería del Niño 2024: how to check if you have a winning ticket from your Android

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loteria del nino 2024 how to check if you have.webp.webp.webp

With Christmas winding down, we have reached one of the best days of the year for many: Three Kings Day. And, in addition to the pile of gifts that their Majesties of the East have left in all the houses, at 12:00 the El Niño Extraordinary Draw.

The good news is that, as happened with the Extraordinary Christmas Draw, you can check if your tenths are awarded from your Android mobile and practically in real time. Below, we explain how to do it with some apps and other alternatives. Good luck!

LoteríasPRO, the official app


This official application of State Lotteries and Betting allows you check the awards live who has any participation or tenth of the El Niño Lottery. In addition, it offers the possibility of scanning the barcode of the ticket so that the app can check if said ticket has been awarded.


The official application of State Lotteries and Betting

TuLotero buy Lottery online


Another of the most popular apps on Google Play to check, in real time, the results of all the national lottery draws. And that includes, of course, the El Niño Lottery. It also allows buy tickets and scan codes to save, share and check tickets.

TuLotero buy Lottery online

In addition to checking the prizes, it allows online purchases in all State Lottery and Betting draws.

Lottery and Betting Scanner

Lottery Scanner

Although it has a somewhat… archaic interface, this app incorporates a code reader barcodes and QR codes that are very practical to know if your tenths They are awarded. You can use it both in the weekly raffles that exist throughout the year, as well as in special raffles such as the Christmas or Children’s raffles.

Lottery and Betting Scanner

Includes a code reader to scan the tenth and find out if it has been awarded

Child Lottery 2024

Nino Lottery 2024

Although its last name changes every year, its function remains the same: it allows you to save the numbers of your tenths and even the amount you play of each of them so that the app can check them in real time and let you know if something has happened to you. It has ads and does not have an attractive interface, but it is practical.

Child Lottery 2024

This app allows you to see the winning numbers and check your tickets for the Child’s Draw.

Other alternatives

Web Search

Search engine for the official website of State Lotteries and Betting

If you don’t want to download or install an application on your mobile, you can always access the official website of the El Niño Sweepstakeswhere you will find a simple search engine to know instantly if your numbers have been awarded a prize. It is enough to indicate your tenth and what amount you played.

Another option is to see the latest important news about the draw on X (Twitter) through the hashtags #LoteríaNiño or #SorteoNiño. And of course, you can always follow live how the draw takes place on the screen of your Android mobile from the RTVE Playthe official RTVE app.

Cover image | State Lotteries and Betting

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