Risk-free mobile launch: this is all that is covered by the warranty for your new smartphone in Spain


Repair of a mobile phone in the technical service

Although the phone warranty is now longer, there are certain cases that are still not covered, and it is important to know them.

It is likely that the Three Wise Men left him a new mobile phone. It is one of the star gifts and one of the devices that we use the most in our daily lives, so taking care of them as well as knowing their legal support is essential. Like the rest of electronic devices, the warranty changed to be extended and more beneficial reaching 3 years, However, there are more details that it is advisable to know in depth.

And there are times when, due to not knowing the rules, some users end up paying for a repair at a third-party technical service, which could have been totally free if it falls within the conditions of the brand and you go to your own technical service.

In the same way, There are certain damages that are not covered by the warranty in any case, and whose repair will have to be paid in full, even though the device has just come out of the box. At EL ESPAÑOL – El Androide Libre we have compiled everything you need to know before going to the manufacturer to apply the warranty.

How long does the warranty last?

The first thing you need to know is that there are different deadlines when talking about the warranty of a smartphone in Spain. First of all, the legal guarantee becomes 3 years from the moment the sale occursinstead of the 2 years that were offered before, which makes it possible to apply for longer.

It is important to know that For the first two years, the burden of proof falls on the manufacturer, and the user does not have to prove the lack of suitability of the product. This means that, when taking the mobile phone for repair, it is the manufacturer who has to prove that the user has breached the warranty, if that has been the case.

Open back cover of a Samsung mobile

On the other hand, the law also obliges companies to provide a more durable technical service. Manufacturers that sell officially in Spain are required to have parts and a repair service for your products for 10 years from the moment it stops being manufactured.

This increase in terms means that consumers are protected for longer, which means that many can opt for repair of your devices instead of replacement. This helps reduce technological waste and get the most out of the devices you buy.

What does the warranty cover?

It must be taken into account that, although the mobile phone is still within the warranty period, this does not ensure that the damage it has received will be covered by it, since there are only some cases that fall within this protection. The first, and most obvious, is the manufacturing defect.

If the mobile phone or any electronic device has a manufacturing defect, this is the direct responsibility of the manufacturer. This includes things like screen breaks before using the device, dead pixels on the panel, buttons that don’t work, broken chargers or connectors that don’t charge correctly. The same happens with the battery section, since if it has heating or charging problems, you can consult the manufacturer to examine it and determine if it is due to misuse or a defect.

Defects in the software are also included, since if the mobile has continuous operating problems or constant restarts that have not been caused by changes made by the user or due to incompatibilities, it is most likely that the device has a system version that does not correspond to it.

What it does not cover

There are other aspects that the legal guarantee offered by the manufacturer excludes as a condition for obtaining a free repair or replacement. Damage caused by getting the device wet is one of them. It does not matter if the mobile phone is waterproof, since, once it has gotten wet and has suffered damage, The manufacturer cannot ensure that its interior was completely watertight., since he could have received blows that have caused him to lose that quality previously. In any case, it is he who has the last word.

Mobile wet with water

Any manipulation made by the user to the device also voids the warranty. If the device has been opened or some of its components have been repaired, it will most likely be voided. The same goes for changes made to the software, since any changes that are due to unauthorized apps or unofficial changes to the operating system will also void the warranty.

Natural disasters and problems arising from using unofficial chargers or cables are also not covered by the warranty, so if a device survives such an accident, you will have to pay for the repairor look for a new gadget to replace it.

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