Krom Kopa PRO, evolved gaming headphones

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The Krom Kopa PRO They are presented as an update of a basic peripheral for multiplatform gamers. An essential accessory in everything setup gaming that after its appearance headphones sober offers you a good ergonomics.

Krom Kopa PRO, stereo sound and cross-platform compatibility

The Spanish firm Krom continues with its accessory launches gaming. If a few days ago we knew his first Sound barnow the proposal involves an update of its iconic headphones Kopa.

Product characteristics

The evolved Kopa PRO They are new headphones that take up the concept of their original and focus on optimizing the design so that you can comfortably enjoy long gaming or music sessions. The product is useful in practically any device.

Krom Kopa PRO

The Krom Kopa PRO has ultra-soft padded pads on the earmuffs and headband

The peripheral has dimensions of 216 x 205 x 103mm and a weight of 283 grams. Count with one omnidirectional flexible microphone, so you can adjust it to the position that best suits you to capture your voice clearly and crisply. The manufacturer assures that with its sensitivity of -42dB±3dB and adequate frequency range you will always have precise communication with your playing partners.

More details of the headphones

This Krom Kopa PRO dispose of extendable headband and its fit does not press to avoid discomfort to the user with glasses. Its construction isolates you from the outside to fully concentrate on the game. They have speakers 50mm to generate quality stereo sound and experience immersive content immersion.

Krom Kopa PRO

Controls built into the device to regulate volume and microphone

He Kopa PRO it’s compatible with PC, PS4, PS5, nintendo switch, Tablets and Smartphones. They go on sale at the beginning of this month of July 2023 with a really reasonable price: 19.90 euros.

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