These headphones can last you a lifetime: you can repair them yourself at home without tools

these headphones can last you a lifetime you can repair them yourself at home without tools
these headphones can last you a lifetime you can repair them yourself at home without tools

Fairphone has just introduced the new Fairbuds, its new easy-to-repair wireless headphones with replaceable batteries.

Fairphone is one of the most different companies in the world of technology, and it stands out precisely for trying to offer devices that are easy to repair by the user themselves using spare parts. In Spain they have already launched more than one smartphone, the latest being the Fairphone 5 .

Now, the company has brought that same concept to wireless headphones, and these have just been introduced under the name Fairbuds. They are priced at 149 euros, and boast features such as active noise cancellation or a 5-hour battery per earbud, as well as IP54 water and dust resistance. 

Of course, these types of devices that can be repaired at home can be the best if you want long-lasting headphones . They are available in black and white, and they are in-ear  headphones with a compact and flat box, which helps you transport them almost anywhere.

This is what Fairbuds are like

Without a doubt, what distinguishes these headphones from the rest of their competitors is the ease they offer to be repaired, since they have a simple assembly designed for self-repair at home. In fact, both the battery in the case and that in each earphone can be removed very easily and without the need for tools.

Another of the main features of these Fairbuds is that they have active noise cancellation technology, which will help the user isolate themselves from what is happening around them . In addition, they have titanium-coated transducers, which promise a great sound quality experience. 

The headphones have a 45 mAh battery in each earbud and a 500 mAh battery in the charging box. These figures translate, according to the brand’s data, into an autonomy of 5 hours in each earphone with active noise cancellation, and with a total duration, including the box, of up to 26 hours. Its fast charging allows you to have battery life for an hour and a half in just 10 minutes of charging.

Beyond this, Fairphone headphones have their own application for Android and iOS in which some of their functions can be managed. They use Bluetooth 5.4 and have 3 microphones for each headset that will help isolate the user’s voice from outside noises. Its price is 149 euros and they are now available in Spain.

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