What I hate most about my Android TV is having to type with the remote: I solved it for free in less than a minute

what i hate most about my android tv is having.webp.webp.webp
what i hate most about my android tv is having.webp.webp.webp

I usually watch football, paddle tennis, series and movies daily on my smart TV with Android TV (actually, with Chromecast with Google TV since our TV started to be slow) and both the different platforms that we have installed and through our IPTV lists. In fact, sometimes I’m not sure where they put what specific content, something that makes Stremio essential to me. Therefore, I have solved the problem of slowness and the problem of agglutinating content on a single platform, but there was another first world problem that tarnished the experience of using my TV: typing with the remote control. Solving it has been easy, fast and free.

As you’ve probably already experienced, when it’s time to type text (whether to use a platform’s search engine or a browser), a keyboard appears that you have to navigate through. moving with the arrows, entering key by key in an unintuitive and slow way.

Well, we have a compact Bluetooth keyboard at home that I used to use for work but that a few months ago I changed for another ergonomic one. In short, that keyboard was collecting dust, so we paired it to the smart TV and put it back in the drawer of the TV cabinet to have it at hand. Then life happens: you sit on the couch, you want to put something on and in order not to get up, take it out of the drawer and turn it on, you start typing and getting desperate with the remote.

For those who are as lazy as me or simply lack a Bluetooth keyboard, the solution that literally everyone has at their fingertips: turn your cell phone into a remote control. Yes, this is useful for those times when the controller is lost or runs out of batteries, but also considerably improves the slow and disastrous way of entering text on smart TV by resorting to the classic virtual keyboard that we use, for example, to write on WhatsApp.

Although there are options to be able to control almost any TV from almost any smartphone, If, as is my case, you have Android TV or Google TV, you don’t have to bother a lot of looking for compatible applications to install because there is the official one, Google TV (free on Google Play Store). However, it is also possible to use Google Home, which includes the remote control function.

That’s how quickly and easily I turned my cell phone into a keyboard for my smart TV.

Opting for Google TV seemed like the most convenient solution: it is the native app, it doesn’t cost money, you ensure full compatibility and it doesn’t require infrared to work, by using the home Wi-Fi network. All you have to do is download it and configure it very quickly in just a couple of steps: once inside the app and inside your Google account (the same one I have on the TV), the application will search for available devices and basically you will have to select it in the list and write the code that appears on the TV on your mobile.


If you look at the lower right corner of the last screenshot you see above these lines, you will see a controller icon, which is exactly what interests us. Once inside, the interface will become a virtual remote control with which you can control the TV. But there is more: imagine that, for example, you enter the application store and enter the search box, or any other place where it is necessary to enter a keyboard. Then the magic works:


At that moment, an icon with a keyboard will appear in the upper area that, when touched, will display that keyboard that will allow us to have what we quickly write on the mobile phone appear on the screen of our smart TV simultaneously. So although I normally don’t use this virtual auxiliary control except for rare occasions, Yes, I use it to write on Android TV when I need it.

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