Here you can know the quality of your Internet connection

And if yesterday I showed you an interactive map that shows the areas with more and less coverage in Spain, today we are talking about Internet access speed.

It is a meter created by nPerf, a meter that you can see right here below:

You just have to click on the central “start test” button and, in this way, start the analysis. In it you will see the data download speed, upload speed, and latency, data that will help you know if they correspond to what you have contracted with the operator.

The system works both from desktop and mobile, so it is also useful to check the connection speed of your network, whether it is 3G, 4G or 5G.

nPerf has this type of tools to be able to make a complete map that helps to identify where the Internet connection is faster and where it is slower. The information is saved anonymously, with the geographical location, so that other people can consult this data on the map that we indicated before.

There are several meters of this type on the Internet. Another of the most famous is the one on, created by Netflix, but they all generate more or less the same information.

The download and upload speed is important, of course, but latency is essential in tasks where the synchronization of information is more relevant, such as video conferences, video games or performing tasks remotely (imagine a surgeon cutting someone remotely, and seeing the scalpel move 1 second after he does the action from home would be a disaster).

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You can share this same page with your contacts so that they always have a speed meter at hand in their browser.