The simple action to see and compare supermarket prices on your mobile before going shopping

the simple action to see and compare supermarket prices on your mobile before going shopping
the simple action to see and compare supermarket prices on your mobile before going shopping

Thanks to several applications that are ideal for saving, you will be able to know the price of products from the main food stores in Spain.

When making any purchase, whether mid-range mobile phones , headphones or going to the supermarket, most people seek to make the most of the money they are spending to make the best purchase possible. And it is normal, since resources are limited, and we must use them in the best possible way.

In Spain, some supermarkets such as Dia , Carrefour or Lidl have their own application, many of which we have already tested . These include both the prices of many of their products and exclusive offers and advantages of their respective membership plans. Along with them, there are also some alternative apps and websites thanks to which it is possible to know price information from other stores from the same place.

Knowing the price differences between food, cleaning supplies and other products sold in supermarkets, it will be possible to know where it is worth buying each member of the shopping basket. Thus, saving can be somewhat easier.

IM super

The important thing is inside, and this app is good proof of that. It has an outdated design, to say the least, but it fulfills its function perfectly, since it is capable of displaying the prices of thousands of supermarket products . It divides them into different categories, but it also has a built-in barcode reader. 

It will be necessary to log in to be able to use it correctly, and it is possible to enter the zip code so that the application shows the prices in the zip code in which we are located. You will have to choose a main supermarket to explore from among the nine they have available. 

Within the application, the interesting thing is to explore the different products that you plan to buy, and if these are sold in several chains, you will be able to see the price they have in each one . It must be taken into account that each supermarket’s own brands will only be available in these, so only one price will be seen on their sheet.

When you finish adding the products to the list, you will see how much it costs in each of the stores. If there are own brands, they will be replaced with similar products, which can help you see where it is cheaper to buy. Although you can always combine several. It can be downloaded on mobile and tablet from Google Play .


In this case, it is possible to see the prices of the shopping list, but also of the nearby gas stations. It has eight integrated supermarkets , and, in a fairly visual way, it is capable of showing the price differences between them, letting the user select which ones they prefer.

By entering its offers section you can see some products temporarily discounted in some of the supermarkets that have been marked as favorites. If you want to keep an eye on a specific product, you can mark it with a ‘like’ to access it quickly every time you open the app. 

Within the sheet of each element the nutritional values, white label alternatives and price comparisons appear. One of the best functions of the app, in fact, is that it allows you to compare two similar products to see information such as price per quantity, available supermarkets or their Nutri-Score rating.

In terms of design, it is the most worked on application, and the good thing is that it has some of the main supermarkets in Spain, although there are absences from the list, such as Lidl. Still, it is a great alternative to make direct price comparisons, and it is available for free on Google Play .

OCU Alternative

There are other apps available for Android thanks to which you can also see a price comparison, although they do not work as well as the previous two. One of them is OCU Market , created by the Consumer Organization and in which you can see a wide variety of elements, although not as many as in the previous alternatives.

It allows you to search by its barcode or by name , but it is true that a large number of brands are missing when searching for almost any item. Additionally, in some cases there is only a price in a supermarket and any type of nutritional information is missing. It is interesting to try it, but it is not essential, far from it. 

On the other hand, there are several supermarkets in Spain that have their own application, and Club Dia and Mi Carrefour are some of the best, since in these you can find the current catalog and the next one that will be available, the prices of the products, discounts and even cooking recipes using the ingredients sold in the chain.

There are also applications like Ofertia that, instead of comparing prices, serve as a unified access point to the current catalogs of some of these applications in PDF format. It is not the most convenient, but it can be very useful if you are not a member of the supermarkets’ free subscriptions.

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