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How are pre-orders of iPhone 14, 14 Pro and Watch Ultra going?

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For a few hours the products that Apple has made official during the Far Out event are available in preorder. It is easy to imagine that i most popular may be the iphone 14 with the head 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max which this year differ a lot from the 14 “standard”, and the new Apple Watch with the ultra variant on shields, not because it has a particularly attractive price (1,009 euros in the list) but if only for the fact that it is an exclusive variant unprecedented in past generations, for which someone could suffer a further (and invisible) push to press the button Sort.


Pre-orders in Italy have been started at 14:00but despite having spent quite a little time you can already do a preliminary budget how operations are progressing for customers on the one hand and for Apple on the other.

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Few roses and few flowers: the inconveniences were not lacking, neither in the big United States nor in Italy, where many customers have had great difficulty in “placing” pre-orders. In these cases in fact timing is essential to not wait too long before the courier rings the intercom: those who arrive first get the first units available, those who arrive late must wait for the other products to reach the distribution centers first and then be assigned to the couriers, with times that inevitably expand.

Here, in the moments just after the “start” many have had difficulty with the Apple Store online both in Italy and elsewhere has displayed an error message when finalizing the order. You will understand that it is impossible to establish whether the difficulties originated from an influx of customers perhaps underestimated by technicians – even Apple can get it wrong – or from mere technical reasons.

Now that for about an hour the problems seem to be behind us, however, we can try to guess – in a rough way, mind you – whether reality leans more towards the first hypothesis – that of the virtual “crowd” – or the second – of an informatic nature. Those who preferred instead to turn to Amazon, which also started pre-orders at 14:00, does not seem to have encountered significant difficulties when ordering one of the new iPhones or a latest generation Apple Watch.

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To check the situation on the Apple portal, around 16:00 on the first day of pre-orders we simulated the purchase of what we assume may be the most popular iPhones: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, all in the basic 128 GB cut, the cheapest, and all in black which in the case of the iPhone 14 is called Midnight while in that of the two Pros it is called Space blackthe most classic colors and in general also the most requested.

We would have liked to do the same check for all Apple Watches too, but for Watch Series 8 and the new SE the variables were really too many and would have made the indications very inaccurate (case color, type, strap color and size, GPS only or Cellular variant …), so here we go limited to the Watch Ultra which is available in only one size (49 mm), the case in only one material (titanium) and with compulsory connectivity, GPS + Cellular. As with the iPhones, we simulated the purchase in the less conspicuous color of the strap (green).

Here are the results:

  • iPhone 14 128GB Midnight:
    • delivery on time: 16 September
  • iPhone 14 Pro 128GB Space Black:
    • one month late delivery: 12-19 October
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB Space Black:
    • one month late delivery: 12-19 October
  • Apple Watch Ultra with Green Band:
    • Small strap: on time – September 23rd
    • Medium strap: late – October 12-19
    • Large strap: late – October 6-12

NOTE: iPhone 14 Plus remained out, as you may have noticed, but the check would have been of little significance: it will be available from 7 October (however, delivery on a regular basis, for now).
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In short, judging by the delivery times (and you don’t get a precise photograph but only roughlyit is good to reiterate it) the hypothesis to be privileged is the first, namely that there has been an important turnout from the public. This obviously does not imply that everyone was eager to buy an iPhone with a credit card in hand, perhaps most of them just wanted to browse, but this can also be an indication of how much attention the new iPhone 14 and the other news.

And if in three quarters of attempts – the two iPhone 14 Pro and Apple Watch Ultra – the delivery was already delayed with respect to the actual availability of the products (Friday 16th for iPhones except Plus, Friday 23rd for Watch Ultra) means that inflation and the considerable increase in iPhone prices (a 1 TB 14 Pro Max exceeds 2,100 euros!) hasn’t frightened customers of the first hour, assuming we don’t know (and we will never know) how many products Apple had shipped to warehouses to meet the first tranche of demandif more or less than in previous years.


Who does not want to wait even a month to receive a gadget worth over 1,000 euros at home – legitimate and understandable – it has at least two paths.

  • the first – go to an Apple Store on day one or order it now from the online store by selecting in-store pickup. In this case, eyes are still open because the Apple shop also indicates the day in which it is possible to withdraw it, and it is not certain that it will coincide with September 16 for iPhones (Plus excluded) or September 23 for Watch Ultra.
  • the second – forced choice for those who do not have an Apple Store near their home or for those who, however, do not want to bother with the risk, perhaps, of having to queue outside an Apple store: Amazon. The Bezos store offers:
    • reservation at the guaranteed minimum price – if the price varies between booking and availability, you buy at the lowest price applied on Amazon
    • Possibility of purchase the products in 5 monthly installments at zero interest
    • free return
    • wide availability of colors and memory cuts.

Let us know if you have encountered any problems in the moments following the opening of the pre-orders or perhaps afterwards, even as simple spectators.

Apple iPhone 14 (128GB) – Midnight


€ 1,029 See offer
Apple iPhone 14 Plus (128GB) – Midnight


€ 1,179 See offer
Apple iPhone 14 Pro (128GB) – Space Black


€ 1,339 See offer
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max (128GB) – Space Black


€ 1,489 See offer
Apple Watch Ultra GPS + Cellular, 49 mm Titanium Case with Ocean Strap, Midnight, One size


1.009 See offer
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro is available online from Bytecno a 1,339 euros.
  • Apple iPhone 14 is available online from Bytecno a 1,029 euros. The value for money is good and it is the best device in this price range.
(update of 09 September 2022, 4:00 pm)

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