Google’s best AI now generates selfies for you: the new thing from Arts & Culture fills your portraits with art

i have tested googles best ai on the samsung galaxy.webp.webp.webp
i have tested googles best ai on the samsung galaxy.webp.webp.webp

With the stir that AI is causing in the technological landscape, it was clear that it would end up permeating our most common actions, such as taking a selfie. Do you want to pose like a Roman gladiator, as if you had attended the mythical Woodstock concert or looking straight out of Japanese art? Art Selfie 2 is now available in the Google Arts & Culture app.

Back in 2018, Google came up with the genius of an application that He compared our portraits with important paintings from History. It was called Art Selfie and it was enough to take a photo with your mobile phone for the application to search among all the museums and art galleries in search of the painting that best fit the image. Now, Google has decided to revive the app with a second part loaded with generative AI.

Google’s generative AI reconstructs your portraits

Art Selfie 2Different styles of Art Selfie 2

Like the first version, Art Selfie 2 is inspired by art to offer playful results that, however, also they take advantage to teach art. The tool is already integrated into the Google Arts & Culture application and just a few steps are enough to change our portraits forever.

Art Selfie 2 offers different styles related to key events in History, pictorial or cultural movements, all with a very specific style and setting. Once the selfie is taken, the application allows you to choose the aspect to recreate so that Google’s AI is in charge of generating the image based on the captured selfie.

The application adapts the face to the needs of the choice, generates a related background and combines all the levels so that the image matches perfectly with the requested style. From the tests we have done, the results were satisfactory; always without leaving mere entertainment, Art Selfie 2 is, more than anything, a playful application. But hey, you also learn.

To use this tool to generate historical selfies you must carry out the following process:

  • Download the Google Arts & Culture app from Google Play Store. Is free.
  • Open the app and search Art Selfie 2. It is currently in the header of the app.
  • Give him access to the camera so he can capture your images. You cannot upload photos from the gallery to the tool, you need to do them at the moment.
  • Once the photo is taken, select the artistic style you want for your selfie. The app will be in charge of analyzing your face with AI, generating everything else according to your choice. The process takes less than 30 seconds and requires Internet access (Art Selfie 2 uploads the image to Google Cloud servers so that the generation can be carried out there).
  • When Art Selfie 2 finishes, it will show you the result on the screen; that you can share or save, as you like. Plus, you can switch between art styles without taking a new portrait, since the first one still works.

We found it to be a very curious and instructive tool, perfect for

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