Become a pharaoh of Egypt or an astronaut: the new thing from Google changes your selfies with AI


Google has launched the new version of Art Selfie, which allows us to modify our photos using Artificial Intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence is going to give a lot of talk in 2024, and it may even become a real reason to change mobile phones. Samsung opened the door with the Galaxy S24, which it called an “AI mobile” due to the number of functions based on Artificial Intelligence it has, some of which are really useful.

In this way, Samsung follows in the footsteps of Google, which with the Pixel 8 demonstrated the possibilities of its algorithms, especially with regard to photos; The mobile phone is capable of eliminating people and objects from our photos, choosing the most correct face for the best snapshot, and zooming beyond what is possible. But that’s not the only thing AI can do, as Google’s latest release demonstrates.

This is Art Selfie 2, the new version of a feature originally launched in 2018, which has now been improved using Artificial Intelligence. As its name suggests, it is capable of take a photo of us and modify it to integrate us into works of art historical; The new version is even more advanced and is capable of completely transforming us.

The function is integrated into the “Google Arts & Culture” app for Android or iOS, which offers access to all types of topics related to the arts; For example, the app offers access to more than 3,000 cultural collections from all over the world, allowing us to explore authors and works, both emblematic and little-known.

Once the app is installed, we can start Art Selfie 2 through a shortcut that appears as soon as we open the app. It works in a simple way: first, it will ask us to take a photo with our mobile camera, and then it will show us various styles inspired by classic works or historical places. For example, we can make it transform us into a pharaoh, a character from a Shakespeare play, a medieval knight, a Roman gladiator, or an astronaut in space.

An important detail is that the app will not modify our face or aspects such as skin color; That’s because the app is actually capable of detecting our profile and cropping the background to change it to another. The only thing that can change about us is our hair (for example, with long hair if we have short hair) and the clothes or outfits we wear. Still, the effect is very striking and realistic.



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