The Pixel 8a is imminent: Google has already taken the necessary steps to launch its new cheap mobile

the pixel 8a is imminent google has already taken the necessary steps to launch its new cheap mobile
the pixel 8a is imminent google has already taken the necessary steps to launch its new cheap mobile

The launch of the Pixel 8a could occur sooner than expected, taking into account that Google has already completed the mandatory procedures.

The moment is very close. As is tradition, months after launching a new generation of mobile phones, Google is preparing a new model, a year after the launch of the Pixel 7a . The Pixel “a” are the cheapest in the range, but they are the favorites of many users.

The Pixel “a” have most of the technical and software features of their ‘big brothers’, but with a much lower starting price; So it is not surprising that many consumers prefer to wait a few months for its launch.

In the case of the Pixel 8a, it doesn’t seem like we’ll have to wait much longer; Everything indicates that the new model should be launched during the month of May (a year after the Pixel 7a), or even during the month of April.

Google Pixel 8a is here

And we know that not from a leak, but from an official listing from the FCC , the Federal Communications Commission in the United States. In order to sell devices with radio and telecommunications in that country, manufacturers are required to register them with the public body; which allows you to get an idea of ​​the next mobile phones that are going to hit the market.

Specifically, Google has registered four different models with the FCC: the G8HHN, the G6GPR, the G576D and the GKV4X, as discovered by Digital Trends . But that does not necessarily mean that they are four different phones; each memory and storage configuration is considered a different model, in addition to each version of 5G used in each region. Technically, each model uses different ‘hardware’, so they are different phones in the eyes of the FCC.

Thanks to that, it has been revealed that the Pixel 8a will have WiFi, NFC, and all the 5G radios necessary for the different operators, including millimeter band support. It’s not surprising at this point, of course, but official confirmation is always nice.


We know that this is the new model in the Pixel range, because last January a photo of the Pixel 8a box was leaked , showing the model number G6GPR, one of those that have been registered; so retroactively, it has been proven that this leak was real.

Registering with the FCC is important because companies often wait until the last minute to do so; After all, they don’t want to show their cards early, so they carry out these bureaucratic procedures only when they really need it. This would indicate a very close launch of the Pixel 8a; and that fits with the celebration of Google I/O on May 14 .


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