Google Meet is no longer free with unlimited time


During the pandemic, Google decided to stop limiting the time of video conferences in the free version of Google Meet, but things have changed around the world for the better, so the offer ends.

It wasn’t just Google that decided to open the limits of its free options. The pandemic generated a huge increase in the use of video conferencing, and platforms like Google Meet or Zoom did not want to enrich themselves with the misfortune of others.

In this way, since 2020, Google Meet has been premium for everyone, but now they announce that from August 31 things will change. They had already announced that they would change, but there was no date until today.

The free version of Google Meet will have a limit, both in group calls and in calls between two people. Groups will only be able to talk for free for one hour, just like before the pandemic. If it is a video call between two people, the limit will be 24 hours, so we can almost say that it will be free in practice

Google has warned of the issue by email, so that if any company needs the use for meetings of more than an hour, they will have to go through the box and contract an option from Google One, which in addition to extending group calls to 24 hours, they also offer more storage in Google Drive, Google Photos and Gmail, among other advantages.

Let’s remember that Google Meet and Google Duo are no longer two independent products, now everything is Google Meet, a platform that receives constant updates, and that we usually publish them here, in WWWhatsnew.

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