Google will bring more transparency and new controls for location data


Google today announced a series of new features that will arrive over the next few months to give users even greater controls and a level of transparency over location data.

The company intends that users continue to trust when sharing location data in products such as searches or Google Maps, for example, to offer its services as accurately as possible, guaranteeing the minimum necessary collection.

Location data, necessary to offer better services

And it is that they remember that location data is necessary to guide users to their destination or recommend bars near where they are.

For this reason, he announces that user information centers will be renewedwhere it will not only be explained more clearly, through the Activity controls and Data and privacy pages, how necessary location data is to improve its services, but also they will also create a unique and complete information center where key location settings will be highlighted that allow people to make informed decisions about their data.

In addition, they will also bring a new control that will make it easier for users to turn off Location History and Web & App Activity settings, as well as deleting their older data, in an easier and more streamlined way.

And finally, when set up new accounts, it will provide a more detailed explanation of what Web & App Activity is, what information it includes, and how it will help Google provide you with better services.

These efforts build on others in the past, such as the arrival of the older location data auto-delete tool, the development of easier-to-understand settings, as well as new transparency tools such as the Your Data feature. in Maps and Search, for example.

As announced today:

Today’s agreement is another step on the road to providing more meaningful choices and minimizing data collection while providing more useful services.

At the moment there is no more precise chronology for these launches, although we can understand that the company will make the corresponding announcements as they reach users, so that they can be aware of them and use them in their own accounts.

And it is that privacy is increasingly important for users, to the point that they are increasingly demanding, making the mechanisms offered by companies like Google become obsolete and insufficient.

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