Extreme blocks on WhatsApp and messages that are seen twice: these great ideas could reach the app

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These functions could be a great addition to WhatsApp, and would allow more private use of the messaging application.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in Spain, although alternatives such as Telegram also integrate a large number of functions and do a very good job. The Meta chat app doesn’t take a break, and since this is no secret, There are already some ideas of what I could prepare for the future.

Some of these features would make a lot of sense, and these are ideas the company could use. These are related to privacy and the way you view content such as ephemeral photographs and audios in the application.

Recently, some functions have been included, such as being able to start a conversation without giving the phone number or the possibility of pinning messages at the top and sending audio messages that can only be heard once, so the app does not It lacks news.

Blocked, everywhere

Even though you have a person blocked on WhatsApp, if you share a group with that person, you can currently receive their messages through that group, something that makes blocking not really effective, since that person can continue communicating who has blocked you with. However, the function they imagine from WaBetaInfo for WhatsApp wants to put an end to this dynamic, making messages from people who have been blocked do not appear not even in the groups that they have in common.

This way, even if that person says something, it will not be possible to read it. The person receiving the messages would be informed that they cannot be viewed because they have been written by someone who is blocked. Thus, it is possible to know that there is a message from that person, but without having to read it. A current method to bypass this blocking is to add that person to a group, so it would be very positive if messages in groups were also blocked.

Hidden messages on WhatsApp

There are also times when content that can only be seen once is the subject of discussion, since it is often necessary to send the image or audio again for the recipient to interpret it correctly. Therefore, another idea offered is to enable this content so that it can be viewed not once, but twice. Beyond this, it is still expected that WhatsApp will decide to include filters to separate conversations and search them easily among those that have unread messages, those with contacts or groups. To save space, it would also be possible put archived conversations as a separate filter, to be able to search from this section without having to access it. Keep in mind that these are not features that the company is working on, but rather ideas that they could use to make the app better.

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