Google Assistant will also have Google’s ‘chatgpt’: first images of what Bard will be like in the Assistant

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799430758 236557427 1706x960.jpg

Bard will soon be integrated into Google Assistant, and some images have emerged showing what it will look like.

Last July, Google presented Bard, its artificial intelligence model, in Spain. Right now, the company is focusing a lot of efforts on improving itand to do this it is asking its users what function or novelty they would like to see in the future.

Everything indicates that this year we will see many more new features of this AI. In fact, it has been integrated into different Google platforms such as Maps, Photos, Gmail or even Drive. Now, it’s the company’s Assistant who could next count on the power of Bard.

Without a doubt, it could be a great boost to improve the performance of Assistant, which, since it can be controlled using voice, could offer a large number of interesting functions. What is clear is what it will look like, since the first images that reflect this mixture have already come to light.

New integration

Bard is the future of Google, and it seems that it will be seen in more and more of the company’s services and platforms to improve its operation and adapt it better to users. This also makes it possible for the artificial intelligence model can carry out more tasks. Its integration with Assistant was mentioned in the past Google I/O, but now images have been leaked that show it closer than ever.

The first time it is used, the company will show a notice showing some of the possibilities of this AI, as well as a button to try it. To let the user know that Assistant integrated with Bard is being used, will show the logo of the latter at the top on the screen next to the assistant badge. In some sections, such as in the Google app, there will be a button that allows you to switch between traditional search and using the Bard version of the Assistant.

Google Assistant with Bard

There has been speculation that this may be caused by some search functions not being available to AI. This is logical if we take into account that it has greater limitations of use. Thanks to the analysis carried out 9to5Google It is also known that photographs may be included in the requests made to the assistant, for which the device’s camera and even secondary sensors such as the wide angle or telephoto lens may be used.

One of the great advantages that this new integration is expected to have is the possibility of asking the assistant to carry out tasks using other platforms such as Maps or the photographs and videos that each user has stored in Photos.

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