Enhance Your Favorite Music on Spotify with This Simple Action

This option to improve audio on Spotify is available for both free and premium accounts.

Spotify is about to announce the arrival of a new plan that will improve the audio experience thanks to high definition sound . Regarding the sound quality on the platform, there is an option that is active by default to normalize the audio. It has its great reason behind it, but it is true that it reduces the sound quality.

If you want to get the best possible audio quality from your favorite songs, deactivating this function will allow neither the treble nor the mids of a song to be optimized. That is, the equalization is not ‘touched’ at any time so that it sounds as clear as possible.

In fact, this setting was recommended in one of  the reddits about Taylor Swift’s new album so that the audio source can be used as is without Spotify ‘normalizing’ it with various settings. The difference can be felt the moment this function is deactivated.

How to make Spotify sound better

Spotify could leave this option disabled by default, but it understands that it is more beneficial for the common user to normalize the audio between songs in order to establish a volume according to the entire playlist. But, for those who are looking to push everything to the limit and sharpen their favorite topics a little, this option must be deactivated.

  • Spotify opens on your mobile.
  • Now click on the profile image that is located in the upper left.
  • It is given on configuration and in the playback section  Normalize volume is deactivated .
  • In the desktop or web version, the same formula is followed, although instead of clicking on the account photo, it can also be done through the three-dot button located in the upper left corner.
  • In edit, click on preferences and then in the audio quality section you will find the aforementioned option to deactivate.
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What it really does is that, apart from improving the sound of the highs and mids, the voices also sound clearer . Apart from that if you use a Bluetooth speaker or sound bar it will be even more noticeable than using the speakers of your mobile phone or tablet.

Spotify from its website clarifies that this normalization preserves the dynamic range of the songs and only applies a limiter to prevent distortion when the volume is too high, but music enthusiasts do not share the same opinion , so it is a matter of trying; the difference is there.