c’t security tool: Buy Desinfec’t 2022/23 on a USB stick

ct security tool buy desinfect 202223 on a usb stick.jpg
ct security tool buy desinfect 202223 on a usb stick.jpg

Now hunt down Trojans under Windows with the new c’t special issue and Desinfec’t 2022/23 and bring data from PCs that no longer start to safety.


The c’t special issue Desinfec’t 2022/23 with an updated version of the security tool is now available on a DVD at the kiosk. Alternatively, the booklet is also available in digital form or on a USB stick, from which Desinfec’t starts directly. With it you clean Windows PCs from Trojans and examine the system from a safe distance.


For this, Desinfec’t 2022/23 comes with a live Linux system that runs directly from a USB stick or a DVD. The cloud is: It starts instead of Windows and so a Trojan can’t do any more damage. Meanwhile, let integrated virus scanners from, among others, Eset and WithSecure loose on the hard drive. If a scanner sounds an alarm, tools help to assess the danger. If it’s serious, Desinfec’t turns off Trojans. So that the scanners can also detect current malware, free signature updates are included for a year.

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With Desinfec’t you can do much more than just hunt down viruses. Use it to analyze hardware on problem PCs or solve network problems.

The look of the system is deliberately based on that of Windows, so that computer beginners can also get by. The articles in the magazine explain the basic functionality in a way that is easy to understand. But Linux experts don’t miss out either: they use various tools to save data they thought was lost or clone entire hard drives. If a Windows PC doesn’t start at all, simply boot Desinfec’t and save the most important data first.

At the kiosk, the magazine with Desinfec’t 2022/23 on the DVD costs 14.90 euros. Alternatively, you can order it from the voonze shop. There are no shipping costs up to and including September 27th, 2022.

The digital edition costs EUR 12.99. The special issue is also available in the c’t app (Android, iOS) and on Amazon. Anyone who buys the booklet in one of these ways can download Desinfec’t 2022/23 and install it on a USB stick according to the instructions in the booklet. There is also a bundle consisting of the digital and the print edition for EUR 19.90.

The booklet is also available on a USB stick for EUR 19.90, from which Desinfec’t starts directly. Delivery is expected to take place in week 39.