Cougar Terminator, skeleton chair with maximum ergonomics

cougar terminatorp.jpg
cougar terminatorp.jpg

Cougar Terminator It is the computer chair designed to last forever. It is resistant, robust but flexible and comfortable, offers maximum ergonomics and is amazing. It is ideal that its leather is hyper-durable because if it were damaged you would not want to change it for another.

Technical characteristics of the Cougar Terminator

Cougar Terminator
Guy gaming chair
Dimensions 750 x up to 1375 x 595 mm
Weight 36.5kg
Maximum supported weight 135kg
Outer material Premium Hyper-Dura leatherette
Colors Black with orange details
4D armrest Yes, metallic
Adjustable height Yeah
Adjustable backrest Yeah
Butterfly mechanism Yeah
Lock function Yeah
Cushions included No
Wheels 76mm

General design of the gaming chair

In addition to offering a design that, without knowing anything else about the chair, already lets us know that it is amazing in terms of comfort, the originality of a detail that we see on its back stands out.

And from the middle of the top cushion to the seat, the Cougar Terminator has a kind of central spine (keel) that gives it a spectacular nature worth mentioning.

Let me say in passing that this idea comes to light because, as I will describe later, the chair has a very elaborate lumbar support and I understand that with the vertebrae design they want to show off how suitable it is for the back. Nor am I going to deny that perhaps the name chosen for the model may be related.

The other differentiating point at the design level is its orange “fin” also located on the back, right on said column. It reminds me a little of an alien, but more of a cyberalien (due to its color and geometry).

Measurements of each piece of the Cougar Terminator

Measurements of each piece of the Cougar Terminator

Chair construction includes the base, with five wheels, the seat and totally independent lumbar, back and head areas, further enhancing that “skeleton” style. Of course, it has two metal 4D armrests.

This model is quite heavy, 36.5 kilos. As for the measurements, it is best that you refer directly to the image above, where they are wonderfully detailed. We highlight its maximum height, 1375 mm, and the depth and width of the seat, 595 and 500 mm respectively.

As we see in the following image, the chosen color is blackwhich never fails. The rivets and logo are done in orange as is usual in the brand and according to the fin that I have mentioned.

Made of top quality leather

Made of the highest quality imitated leather

As for materials, the exterior of the chair has been made in a delicious Hyper Dura premium leatherettewhich promises a twelve times greater durability to conventional skin. In the central area of ​​the back we see some 20 cm of mesh mesh to provide that ventilation that is so necessary in summer. The support has been made of High industrial grade fiber reinforced plastic and hugged foam. The armrests and base spindles are metallic.

Cougar Terminator Featured Features/Functions

Certainly, everything is remarkable about this chair, why lie?


Cougar has designed an extra-large base for this model, 750mm diameter for the star that its five legs form. These have a design of spider leg which allows a little bit of play in relation to the suspension. Besides, the axles are aluminum, achieving a highly iron structure. To put the icing on the cake in terms of stability, the wheels are 76 mm in diameter, that is, quite large.

Ergonomics and health

Ergonomics is, surely, the most notable point of the Cougar Terminator.

So much so that It does not even require cushions, since its adaptability to our body is maximum.; It embraces us in such a way that we don’t need to settle into anything else.

For me this is a positive point (if the chair really delivers in this regard) because, at the end of the day, the cushions, although they fulfill their function, are still extra gadgets that get bulky and collect dirt. For others it may be the opposite, of course.

Mind you, that’s just my opinion and considering a chair like this; There will be others that, since they are not so premium, require cushions to be more comfortable. The best? Let’s see point by point what it has to offer you in your gaming (or non-gaming; we all like to be comfortable) sessions.


First, main and the most classic and seen in chairs of the style. The Cougar Terminator allows a game height up to 80 millimeters, with intermediate selection if desired, of course. Thus, the chair can measure from 1295 mm to 1375 mm.

Maximum customization for incomparable comfort

Maximum customization for incomparable comfort


The armrests, as I have already indicated, are 4F metal. With them we get a adjustment of width, height, depth and even oscillation. Come on, they give everything they can give.


The back of the chair has been constructed with a mixture of industrial grade fiber with reinforced plastic, which translates into maximum resistance and durability. Together with High-density foam cover and curved shape of this you get the backrest to hug you having a percentage of flexibility which makes the chair adapt to you.

This fitted backrest is designed following the shape of the spine of human beings. In this way, when we sit in the chair our body accommodates itself without difficulty. So much so that, if we have a somewhat defective posture, the shape of the backrest can help us correct it (be careful, it CAN) because supports the entire extension of the backlengthwise but also widthwise.

Finally, know that the support can be tiltedand quite a bit, so, in addition to serving us, again, to maintain a proper posture, we can use it to rest for a few minutes in a more recumbent position if we feel like it.

Lumbar support

The lumbar area has been specially worked on in the chair, so that we can spend as many hours as we want in it, both for leisure and work, without our health suffering (Let’s not forget to take short breaks! Always!) .

We have a Special designed structure for lumbar vertebrae that allows us to support them in a natural and comfortable way, maintaining posture. With this, according to Cougar, we will be able to reduce (or not favor) the tension in the area, reducing fatigue and pain.


Be careful because, as if everything we have already seen were not enough, the headrest, which, as you can see, also has a semi-arm design, it is recliningso that we can even adjust the angle of our neck, something very useful if we are performing demanding or more relaxing tasks.

Breathability and ventilation

Breathable detail in the backrest area

Breathable detail in the backrest area

Another point to look at, especially considering that the chair is made of imitation leather, is breathability.

And this is a material that, although it has many pros, has a disadvantage such as the total absence of breathability.

To remedy this, Cougar designs its backrest with a central mesh area which will serve precisely to allow air to flow, so that we sweat less and the chair does not get as dirty. Come on, it keeps us dry and cool.

In addition to that, The pieces that make up the chair are independent from each other, with an aerodynamic design that fits very well between them but allows them to be separated. Thus, we have comfortable areas that take care of our posture and our body in general but using the minimum possible space, which translates into more airflow zones.

Some considerations

Two points to keep in mind. Being made of imitation leather, the best way to clean it with a damp cloth (at most you put a very small amount of special cleaner for this fabric but it is not even necessary) and, importantly, you dry it with another completely clean and dry cloth.

Second last consideration, the chair is designed to support a maximum weight of 135 kilos, although 120 kg is recommended. We already know that, like everything, training to the limit is not positive and this case is not going to be different.

Availability and price of the Cougar Terminator gaming chair

If you want a lighter outfit because the heat hits wherever you live, take a look at this model, Cougar Argo Onealso from the firm, which assures you of the same dedication and quality.

Cougar Terminator Chair: Pros and Cons

  • Very original design
  • Very stable base
  • Ergonomics options
  • Breathability
  • Premium HyperDura leatherette with high durability

  • Heavy
  • Price

Total score

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